Book of the Month Club

Welcome to the book of the month club. It is not called that because there is a book coming every month, it is called that because it is how long it took me to write it. It took me two weeks to live it and two and a half to write it. Once I started […]


Currently, on the ‘road of life’, I am on a straightaway. The GPS is telling me, “stay straight for 22 months and 10 days before turning south”. Sounds simple enough. I know that the ‘road of life’ is never simple, but assuming I reach the next turn, what then? What happens to the ‘road’ when […]

The Doppelganger Effect

They are young, smart and university educated. They are career-title driven. They love to travel. They love their phones. They love to take selfies with their phones, travelling and looking ‘glam’. They’ve found another that shares the same interest of travel, selfies and looking ‘glam’. They get serious with that person and buy a house […]

Life is Crazy

Isn’t it all crazy? What you ask? Life… Life is crazy… the world is crazy… everything is crazy!! I know it’s always been this way but I can usually find something to hang onto that isn’t crazy. But crazy is everywhere! It is invading every layer of my life! Yes, I know I’m ranting on […]


There are not enough hours in a day.   That statement applies literally to the annual time change in the spring, the clock moves forward one hour and suddenly the day has only twenty-three hours. In the fall the reverse happens and suddenly the day has twenty-five hours. You would think that it would suck […]


“Now is the time for all good men to come to the aid of the party.”   This is a phrase that my mother would use when she practiced her version of 1950’s keyboarding. They called it typing back then, and my mom’s fingers flew over the keys as she repeated this sentence on our […]

Road rage is something I completely understand. The fury you feel when some ass cuts you off in an unsafe manner. The frustration at being stuck behind a vehicle driven by a person that likes to drive 10kph below the speed limit when the limit is posted at 50kph! Anger at the vehicle that can’t […]

I’m having serious issues with the equipment I am using. Is it some kind of personal attack orchestrated by my old pal Murphy or do I just have a ‘lemon’? The truck that I use for work is constantly breaking down and the computers (yes, more than one) that I use malfunction with more regularity […]


I always seem to adapt. I change with the flow of the river and usually I make a point of not sweating the small stuff. I wasn’t always like that but sometime in the past I must have made a conscious decision to try my best not to let life get to me. At least […]

Pieces of Life

I see my life as a montage of small events connected by only one thing… me. Encounters and small events that would just blend in with the rest of things that happen to me if I saw my life as just the same old, same old, every waking day the same as the last. But […]