United States

Converting a Country

Early on in my school years Canada changed its weights and measures system from Imperial to Metric. Overnight quarts became litres, yards became meters and pounds became kilos. There was chaos in my household, my father ranting about government intervention in his life and my mother trying to figure out how many litres of water […]

Permanent Record

Lack of time this week means you get something from the past. This was written in 2014 but seems to be just as relevant today as then. Now the President of the United States is an active ‘twitter’ user and we can see how that’s working for him…   June 2014   I sometimes wonder […]

The 2015 Similar

I could write about what is happening south of my border in Trumpville. There is no shortage of fodder from his first week as president of the Divided States of America. He has signed a record number of executive orders that have a price tag in the billions, he has authorized an attack on foreign […]

It Wasn't A Joke???

Every time I hear any news broadcast I find myself saying the same thing over and over to myself, “Thank God I’m not an American!!”  I’ve been repeating this since last May when the U.S. primaries started and Donald J. Trump’s face hit the airwaves. What came out of his mouth was insanity and before […]

Simon Says... Take One Giant Step Backwards

Well it’s been a week since my southern neighbours elected Donald Trump as their next president and lo and behold… the world has not ended. It could be simply that they have not yet given him the nuclear codes or it could be that we were making much to do about nothing.   I think […]

Things Like;

I like to write. Sometimes I do it to fill my day but if you hadn’t noticed my days are generally easy to fill. I write so that I can express my feelings about my life and the world around me. I don’t write about my work in any detail because I’m too close to […]