United States

  The roar of the crowd was deafening. The stadium shook, as the home crowd screamed and stomped. Even the players, could feel the ground shake. The score was tied, and there was less than a minute to play in the game. The hometown crowd was in a frenzy, cheering on their team and jeering […]

Missing Identity

   I can’t say what information people from other countries get when it comes to the evening news. I do know the evening news on Canadian networks will always include some news segment from the United States and usually something out of Europe, mostly the UK. It’s not like there isn’t enough Canadian news to […]

I Was Told...

   I was told… ‘That when reporters arrived in Poland, they asked where the camps were? There are no camps, they were told. So where are all the Ukrainian refugees? The 1.4 million refugees were being housed in the homes of the people of Poland. Some of this was organized but in large part, it […]

A Country With A Crisis

   The United States of America is a country in crisis. The amount of gun violence that takes place within its borders is staggering. The amount of hatred they exhibit to one another is staggering. The country is unsafe. Is it because of their lack of gun-control laws, or because the people believe the only […]

Giddy-Up, Go!

Okay, let me get this straight. The ‘Freedom Convoy’ protest, whose only point appears to get governments to remove all restrictions and mandates they have ever issued in the history of restrictions and mandates, have caused the federal government to implement even more of the aforementioned restrictions and mandates. Please don’t take this the wrong […]


Well… Isn’t that something… Three of the biggest bozos in the United States, are supporting unrest in a foreign country. The chubby Cheeto himself, and two would-be Trumpers, Cruz and De Santis, are sending love out to the protesting truckers in Canada. I assume they know Canada and the United States are different countries. Trump […]

Keeping the Citizens Safe

We are back under ‘Code double-red, don’t leave your house unless ABSOLUTLY necessary’, health restrictions. I would say I was locked-down but that to me requires guards, or at the very least a door. But the restrictions we have all dealt with have for the most part, pretty much been an on-paper thing. What we […]

I support the actions taken at my border, both federally and provincially, in an effort to mitigate the spread of a deadly virus. Even though I miss the sand and the warm sun like many others, I can only shake my head at the impatience of some, and their misguided belief that “it won’t happen […]


I think Donald Trump has a weak mind. He seems influenced by only things that get him what he wants. He has bought into weird conspiracies (some he started himself) about evil-doers lurking in the shadows, trying to thwart his every move as he sinks further and further into his own personal delusion. What does […]

1-800 Register Me

Even though the last 10 months have been hard on all of us, the next eight months will be crushing. That is the amount of time it will take for enough doses of vaccine to reach Canada to make an impact. Unless of course we only give the vaccine to people over 50, and give […]