I Was Told...

   I was told… ‘That when reporters arrived in Poland, they asked where the camps were? There are no camps, they were told. So where are all the Ukrainian refugees? The 1.4 million refugees were being housed in the homes of the people of Poland. Some of this was organized but in large part, it […]


   Prior to the invasion of Ukraine, the Russian army was considered a premiere fighting force. No one gave the Ukrainians much of a chance against the Russian army. The Russians had better equipment, were better trained and had an arrogant attitude from the Kremlin down to the grunt on the ground. There was no […]


   Don’t tell the boss. Give him what he wants to hear. He doesn’t take bad news very well. He is prone to outbursts of rage. Does this sound vaguely familiar to anyone? The latest public perspective on the war on Ukraine is being supplied by the Intelligence sector of most countries. The ‘spy-guys’ are […]

One Of The Pack

 For a month, I have listened to the political and military pundits speak about how Vladimir Putin had under-estimated Volodymyr Zelensky and the Ukraine people. These are the same experts, that as Russia conducted its military exercises along the Ukraine border in January, predicted the quick demise of Ukraine should the Russians cross the border. […]

Putin Pops

Would you shop in a store that sells only one item? Not an item tailored specifically to you, but just one item… one flavor only… no variety… take it or leave it. Probably not, unless that was specifically what you wanted, and the price was right. Otherwise, you would go to a different store, right? […]

Things Like;

I like to write. Sometimes I do it to fill my day but if you hadn’t noticed my days are generally easy to fill. I write so that I can express my feelings about my life and the world around me. I don’t write about my work in any detail because I’m too close to […]