A Glance Back... 2016

I started the year absolutely reeling from the events of the previous year. 2015 had come up one personal death short of an alternate movie title, with three deaths and a wedding. It wasn’t really a good year to know me. I think I spent the first few months of 2016 looking over my shoulder […]

Can I Pay With Dimes?

I’ve been working on my winter get-away. Checking flight dates and prices and I don’t know about you… but I’m getting kind of excited.  It is true that I have not yet spent a dime on anything but I have been collecting them and I believe that I have enough piled up in the closet […]

You Decide... I'm Busy.

I know… I know… I didn’t even give you something old last week… my bad.   In my defense I have been busy and I have been writing but I’m not getting anything done. You know how that is, you put in the hours on a task and in the end when you look at […]

The Los Gringos Refugee Club- Part 1

It’s June and here I am thinking about winter get-a-ways. This is because I have received two communications in the last week to do with said subject. The first came from Ginger and The Earl. The second came from a couple Honey and I met two years ago, Rock and Stream. I had a hard time […]

The Los Gringos Refugee Club- Part 2

February 2015   The Afternoon Shift   When we last left our merry band of refugees they were parked in a cantina in Rio San Juan enjoying a cold beverage on a hot day.   Rio San Juan is a city/town of about 9,000 people. Most of which were not to be seen on that […]

The Los Gringos Refugee Club- Part 3

February 2015   The Night Shift   Okay this is the last shift… I promise. The whole thing is starting to sound like a story from a six year-old. “Then we… and then we… and then I said…” You get my point, so I will try to make this brief(ish).   It gets dark in […]