Act 3

A month ago, I turned 60 years-old. It wasn’t nearly as monumental as turning 16 was. Birthdays have pretty much been quiet affairs for the last few decades, gone are the parties and the large social gatherings of celebration. Oh wait… that’s the pandemic lockdown rules… my bad. As I have aged, the significance of […]

It’s all due. The paperwork needs to be filed and signatures need to be inked at the bottom. The time is here for fantasy to meet fact. It was all fun and games up until now, but it’s time to walk the talk and prove I have a spine. I’M FREAKING OUT!!! Since the age […]

Currently Updating... Please Do Not Turn Off Your Life

I realize that every person on this planet has been affected by COVID-19, even the hermits. The disruption it has caused, to routines and life plans, is universal. But I can only tell you about me. What has this pandemic done to me? Time hasn’t stopped, and the calendar on the wall tells me that […]

Living Without

Do you have a thing that you feel you could not live without? I’m not talking about vital organs, I know living without your lungs would be challenging! I’m talking about some kind of convenience or luxury, which you would not wish to wake-up every day without. If you were to think about it, you […]