It Wasn't A Joke???

Every time I hear any news broadcast I find myself saying the same thing over and over to myself, “Thank God I’m not an American!!”  I’ve been repeating this since last May when the U.S. primaries started and Donald J. Trump’s face hit the airwaves. What came out of his mouth was insanity and before […]

Simon Says... Take One Giant Step Backwards

Well it’s been a week since my southern neighbours elected Donald Trump as their next president and lo and behold… the world has not ended. It could be simply that they have not yet given him the nuclear codes or it could be that we were making much to do about nothing.   I think […]

You Decide... I'm Busy.

I know… I know… I didn’t even give you something old last week… my bad.   In my defense I have been busy and I have been writing but I’m not getting anything done. You know how that is, you put in the hours on a task and in the end when you look at […]

Lazy Larry

Theresa May is to become Britain’s newest Prime Minister. I read in the New York Times that she is due to take up residence at 10 Downing Street immediately and that she will be greeted by Larry the cat. This made me laugh as I had written about Larry a few years ago, it was […]

I Pay Their Salaries!!!

Well it seems that the Americans are not the only country that can put fun into dysfunctional. We Canadians can serve it up too.   This week in Canadian parliament our Prime Minister, the right honourable Justin Trudeau, elbowed a female member of the opposition party in the chest. The New Democratic party yelled foul […]

Row One Seat One

This is my opinion. Do not mistake the following of being an actual, factual news article. It’s just what I think.   I am Canadian; have been all my life. Being Canadian is not the same as being American even though much of the world views it as such. Our social, economic and political systems […]