And It's Only Friday...

   This week was one of those weeks where Chinese-Canadian relations took a step. Forward, backward, or sideways, I’m not quite sure. In one week, we (Canada) arrested a man for spying on behalf of the government of China, and the Prime Minister of Canada pissed the President of China off. According to the RCMP, […]


  The roar of the crowd was deafening. The stadium shook, as the home crowd screamed and stomped. Even the players, could feel the ground shake. The score was tied, and there was less than a minute to play in the game. The hometown crowd was in a frenzy, cheering on their team and jeering […]

Canada's Game Sparks Angry Canadians

   Canada has been in the international news numerous times in the last few years, and not in a good way. We, as Canadians, like to stay on the down low, no Trumpian antics here folks, nothing to see. If we do get noticed, it is hoped that it will be something good that Canada […]

Per Diem

   It seems that Canada has found itself in a whole lot of doo-doo. This over a part needed for the pipeline that feeds natural gas from Russia to Europe. The six Russian turbines were in Montreal for scheduled repair, when they got frozen there by Canada’s sanctions against Gazprom and its oligarch boss. Now […]

Missing Identity

   I can’t say what information people from other countries get when it comes to the evening news. I do know the evening news on Canadian networks will always include some news segment from the United States and usually something out of Europe, mostly the UK. It’s not like there isn’t enough Canadian news to […]


   Prior to the invasion of Ukraine, the Russian army was considered a premiere fighting force. No one gave the Ukrainians much of a chance against the Russian army. The Russians had better equipment, were better trained and had an arrogant attitude from the Kremlin down to the grunt on the ground. There was no […]

One Of The Pack

 For a month, I have listened to the political and military pundits speak about how Vladimir Putin had under-estimated Volodymyr Zelensky and the Ukraine people. These are the same experts, that as Russia conducted its military exercises along the Ukraine border in January, predicted the quick demise of Ukraine should the Russians cross the border. […]

Was It Ever Close?

When the coronavirus first arrived, I thought that this was it. This was the thing that the world needed to bring it together. A common foe that would galvanize the species. At the outset it looked like I might be right. The ‘smart’ people stepped up and took charge, and we listened to what they […]

In Related News...

Well… Aren’t we having some serious Canadian craziness! Still not nearly as crazy as our neighbours in the US, but we’re certainly hedging that direction. Protests and politicians are just about everywhere you look in this country. Doing something… Saying something… sometimes even doing something and saying something, at the same time! Sometimes they’re even […]

Breaker, Breaker, One-Nine

“Ah, Breaker One-Nine. This here’s the Rubber Duck. You got a copy on Pig Pen, c’mon?” A convoy of trucks is currently making its way across Canada. It’s headed east to the nation’s capital, Ottawa. When it arrived in Winnipeg, Manitoba on Tuesday the 26th, the RCMP reported it was 20 kilometers long. It is […]