Play Magante


Well now that I have ventured into the realm of fantasy it is obviously time to get my head out of the clouds… Mother Nature says so.   I have never been to the island of Barbuda, truth is I didn’t even know there was an island of Barbuda, and now Mother Nature has made […]

A Glance Back... 2016

I started the year absolutely reeling from the events of the previous year. 2015 had come up one personal death short of an alternate movie title, with three deaths and a wedding. It wasn’t really a good year to know me. I think I spent the first few months of 2016 looking over my shoulder […]

Dodging Traffic

February 2014 “… or take a romantic walk along the beach.” This is a tag line that you can find on almost any site advertising a resort in the Caribbean. The truth is that yes you can walk along almost any beach at any resort in the Caribbean. Is it romantic? I guess that depends […]

Road Rockets

I know many of these first articles are out of  chronological sequence (It’s going to drive Honey nuts), but I feel it is important to give some kind of background before I jump forward. I feel I need to introduce any new reader to the cast of character’s that have littered my life for the […]