Down With History

   The road trip to Canada’s eastern provinces, aside from going somewhere we’d never been before, was to see first-hand the birth place of our nation. To learn more about the region and its history. This meant stopping at historical sites, museums, and roadside plaques. Historical sites and museum give you a heads-up long before […]

The Millennial Toilet

   Home. Our Atlantic land journey has been completed. A trip that saw Honey and I drive a little more the 12,000kms, over 30 days. An epic journey, for both of us. When you add distance, to number of days of travel, then divide that by the number of times I got lost, then multiply […]

Turn Left In One Kilometre

   If it’s Wednesday this must be…? Where am I??? This is day twenty-two and the scheduled plan went out the window five days ago when we decided to go gypsy, cancel all our reservations from yesterday forward, so we could return to the West Point Lighthouse Inn and Museum in Prince Edward Island for […]


  Everyone travels different. Most seem to travel from one destination to the next destination, without ever noticing what they missed. It’s how I have always travelled, until this little odyssey. Driving through the Atlantic provinces of Canada has been at a slow ‘mosey.’ We’ve stopped to smell so many roses that my allergies are […]

Canada's Game Sparks Angry Canadians

   Canada has been in the international news numerous times in the last few years, and not in a good way. We, as Canadians, like to stay on the down low, no Trumpian antics here folks, nothing to see. If we do get noticed, it is hoped that it will be something good that Canada […]


   Honey and I hit the road in a few short weeks. At this point in time, Honey’s lists have lists. I am always asking my wife to be sure to add blah, blah to a pre-trip list, or helping her remember an item she had mentioned in the kitchen. One she needed to add […]

Per Diem

   It seems that Canada has found itself in a whole lot of doo-doo. This over a part needed for the pipeline that feeds natural gas from Russia to Europe. The six Russian turbines were in Montreal for scheduled repair, when they got frozen there by Canada’s sanctions against Gazprom and its oligarch boss. Now […]

Lid Opener

   As I aged, my body started to change. At 50 I started to notice that my strength had diminished, and my heart beat faster than it had at 30 when I exerted myself. At 50, I started working much smarter, because I couldn’t work any harder. I had to apply thought, over brute strength, […]

Other People

   Travel these days is full of challenges. Getting from here to there, no matter your mode of transportation, is costly and time consuming, and comes with no guarantee you will actually reach your destination. It wouldn’t surprise me if you asked someone how they spent their holiday weekend the answer might be A) Stuck […]

Missing Identity

   I can’t say what information people from other countries get when it comes to the evening news. I do know the evening news on Canadian networks will always include some news segment from the United States and usually something out of Europe, mostly the UK. It’s not like there isn’t enough Canadian news to […]