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Grandma's Cookbook

   From the time I can remember, my parents would take us, my brother and I, to dinner at grandma’s house on Sundays. I hated it, I had to sit still at the table, and “mind my manners”, and not run around screaming and blah, blah, blah. Sunday dinners are no fun for a six-year-old. […]

Axes and Alcohol- A Christmas Tradition

  I lived in the town of ‘End of the Road’ for the better part of eight years. A small mining town north of nothing, population of 4000. Three quarters of the population worked at the mine and the other 25% were a mixture of Indigenous people and what I would call support staff. I […]

Thin Skinned

   I’m thin skinned. I don’t mean I’m testy, and take everything I read and hear the wrong way, I mean I really have thin skin. My skin used to have layers upon layers of epidermal material. It took a lot to make me bruise and in most cases my skin rarely broke open, except […]


   It has been decided, by Honey and I, that the whole basement requires a makeover. Walls are coming down and there will be a new configuration. We are making it DIYUID project. That is an acronym for do-it-yourself-until-it’s-dangerous. It may seem odd to take on a renovation job, considering my health situation, but paying […]


   Being back at home means that I must deal with reality and get myself back on the program. This means back into the clinics for blood-work and rolling up my sleeve for more vaccinations. There are also things to be handled around the house, and although I may not be the man I once […]

The Millennial Toilet

   Home. Our Atlantic land journey has been completed. A trip that saw Honey and I drive a little more the 12,000kms, over 30 days. An epic journey, for both of us. When you add distance, to number of days of travel, then divide that by the number of times I got lost, then multiply […]

Where's I'm to...

I’m on adventure and unlike sitting on The Playa, my hands are on the wheel and not on a keyboard. So I thought I would share a few of the places I’ve been in the last week. This is the Hotel Acadia in Quebec City. This is where I paid the bill for our hotel […]


   Honey and I hit the road in a few short weeks. At this point in time, Honey’s lists have lists. I am always asking my wife to be sure to add blah, blah to a pre-trip list, or helping her remember an item she had mentioned in the kitchen. One she needed to add […]

Lid Opener

   As I aged, my body started to change. At 50 I started to notice that my strength had diminished, and my heart beat faster than it had at 30 when I exerted myself. At 50, I started working much smarter, because I couldn’t work any harder. I had to apply thought, over brute strength, […]

Give It To Me Straight Doc

   I know there is a question, that you my loyal reader may wish to ask, but are too polite to do so. Now that the transplant is done, and there is no further treatment available for my type of cancer, how long do I actually have to live? The answer… I don’t know! I’m […]