IT Genie

Christmas Finally Arrives

Honey tells me the whole thing began a week or two before Thanksgiving. It actually started when I finally fulfilled a promise made two years ago, and had the picture window in the kitchen replaced. The seals were gone and the space between the panes had developed permanent condensation and you couldn’t see through it. […]

Pilates Have Nothing On Ceiling Fans!

The kitchen project continues, and yes, I am aware that it started in November. It took a week after our return for Honey to get out of ‘holiday mode’, and back into ‘home reno’ mode again. The countertop has been templated and arrives in 15 days (professional installation). To Honey’s relief her new cupboards passed […]

There are not enough hours in a day.   That statement applies literally to the annual time change in the spring, the clock moves forward one hour and suddenly the day has only twenty-three hours. In the fall the reverse happens and suddenly the day has twenty-five hours. You would think that it would suck […]

Pieces of Life

I see my life as a montage of small events connected by only one thing… me. Encounters and small events that would just blend in with the rest of things that happen to me if I saw my life as just the same old, same old, every waking day the same as the last. But […]

O' Christmas Tree

Thirty years ago, Honey and I put up our first ever Family Christmas tree. We had been together for six years. We had always had decorations in our house (Honey is very crafty) but we had always spent Christmas Day somewhere else. Having a tree was not really a necessity in those early years. When […]

Dependable People


This last Saturday, the day before Father’s Day, my mother-in-law was scheduled to move from one apartment with multiple floors to another apartment that was just on a single floor. The reason was to allow her to continue to live without assistance; at 80+ her knees could not handle the continual up and down stairs. […]

Everyone's 5th Cousin

As Ginger and The Earl prepare for the upcoming nuptials of their daughter DeeDee (Doctor Daughter), I am reminded of all the things that I dealt with during the preparation for the marriage of GenCo. Having a hundred guests invade your home can be stressful and preparing for it is both physically and emotionally draining. […]

Grumpa Supervision

A week ago IT Genie approached me and asked what I was doing the next day. Now any one can tell you that when a person approaches you and asks, “What are you doing tomorrow?” that is not what they are really asking. This is a question that I would say was rhetorical, there is […]

Handle With Care Too

When Elyza was born the majority of people I deal with on a daily basis had no idea of her existence. Bull and Tattoo live a thousand miles away and I’m not the type of person to just walk up to people and tell them I’m a grandfather. Parker is a different matter though, he […]

The Very First Time

The expansion of GenCo is complete and they have changed the company letterhead to read GenCo & Son. Yes there is a name to the “& Son”, and it is Parker. He arrived last week, much to the relief of Company, and has all the right parts in all the right places. He got to […]