The Pain is Adjective

In the world today, there are two reasons to go to a hospital emergency room. You are sick with the coronavirus and can’t breathe, or you can’t stop the bleeding. If it is anything else, you phone first. In Canada, that is the state of affairs when it comes to healthcare. Yes, I know I […]

Brotherly Love

I’m not fully versed in the ins and outs of cancer. I’m learning, but I’ll die before I fully understand it all. There are a multitude of cancers. Different strains that attack different parts of your body. Since I have something called Multiple Myeloma, I figured that the cancer is attacking me everywhere. This isn’t […]

Campaign Canada

I like politics. I still haven’t figured out why we need politicians, but they are entertaining. Canadian politics is much different than American politics, there is very little bloodshed. We’re polite and we don’t spend our time belittling our opponent, until the very end of the campaign. The Americans have a mano o mano beatdown […]

The Curve-Ball

When I was young and played baseball, I could never hit a curve-ball. The ball would start on one side of the plate, move across it, then plummet into the ground. The result was always a swing and a miss for a strike. There were rare occasions that one of these curves would hang and […]

A Crappy Story

I don’t take very good care of myself. I don’t take vitamins and generally have a horrible diet. If it weren’t for Honey, I might never put a vegetable on my plate, it reduces the space for the meat. To me, Self-Health is a selective process. I’m all for vaccines but I’m not much for […]


In late May I hurt myself. I haven’t worked since. I haven’t said anything about this because the injury is severe and I wasn’t sure I wanted to mention it. Honey has returned to work in a limited capacity and I am sitting at home. Sitting is not quite correct because I can only sit […]

Don't Pledge the Sorority... The Hazing Could Kill You

The WHO (World Health Organization) announced that it has changed the names of the many COVID variants and will no longer refer to such variants as the B.1.1.7 variant as the ’UK variant’, but will simply call it Alpha. This way no country will be identified as a country of origin and people will stop […]

Keeping the Citizens Safe

We are back under ‘Code double-red, don’t leave your house unless ABSOLUTLY necessary’, health restrictions. I would say I was locked-down but that to me requires guards, or at the very least a door. But the restrictions we have all dealt with have for the most part, pretty much been an on-paper thing. What we […]

1st-World Nonsense

Sometimes, you need to take a step back so that you can see the broader picture. Gain a new perspective and not be so narrow in your thinking. Pause, take a deep breath and see things for what they are. A case in point would be the notice Honey found taped to our back door […]

I was doing so well with a regular article but the week before Easter I started a 23-day stretch with no days off. It is hard to write when your brain is saturated with things to get done. I did stare at a blank page last week for an hour, trying to organize my thoughts. […]