Holiday or Vacation

I have come to the conclusion that a month on the beach in the Dominican Republic is not enough, especially when you return to sub-zero temperatures and more snow than when you left. It’s been a hard week. Honey and I returned home at 3 am on Tuesday and were both back to work on […]


It’s Canadian Thanksgiving weekend. Thanksgiving is a North American holiday that celebrates the European settlers that came to a new land and befriended the native population and just before they took their land and relocated them on the crappiest pieces of real estate they could find, had them over for a big assed meal. Kind […]

To My Surprise

Have you ever heard a knock on the door and when you open it, to your surprise, there stands a person you least expect? An old friend? A family member? A representative of ‘The Church of the Latter-Day Saint’? Okay skip that last one, that happens quite a lot around here so I’m never that […]


“Now is the time for all good men to come to the aid of the party.”   This is a phrase that my mother would use when she practiced her version of 1950’s keyboarding. They called it typing back then, and my mom’s fingers flew over the keys as she repeated this sentence on our […]

Dogs and Cats

We installed a cat door in the screen door to our deck. I watched the cat go through it the other day and all I can say is… “Damn that cat is fat!” It made me think of when she first arrived and I wrote the following.   June 2015 Her name is Cleo. The […]


The other day I started to write about the current state of affairs at the Playa Paraiso en Magante. Since there have been no detailed records kept by any of the previous tenants there is no way for me to be certain that things are moving in the direction that I have envisioned possible. Record […]

2017... The Year That Was

Welcome to 2018. For those of you that are alive reading this, raise your hand if you never thought you would reach this day. Don’t bother raising your hand Uncle Jeremiah, I know that you’re surprised every day to wake up, so I’ll take you as a given. The rest of you can lower your […]

Seeing Your Face

I did something the other day that made me feel I was in one of those science fiction books I read as a kid, I made a video call. Honey and I sat in front of my tablet and wished our granddaughter, 1200km away, a happy birthday. It was slick!   Now I know that […]

Granny Goodness

As the three of you may have noticed there was nothing from me last week. Have no fear nothing has gone wrong and all around me are healthy and relatively happy to the best of my knowledge. Last weekend Honey and I hit the road to cross the prairies and ‘surprise’ our grandchildren with a […]

Grumpa Supervision

A week ago IT Genie approached me and asked what I was doing the next day. Now any one can tell you that when a person approaches you and asks, “What are you doing tomorrow?” that is not what they are really asking. This is a question that I would say was rhetorical, there is […]