And It's Only Friday...

   This week was one of those weeks where Chinese-Canadian relations took a step. Forward, backward, or sideways, I’m not quite sure. In one week, we (Canada) arrested a man for spying on behalf of the government of China, and the Prime Minister of Canada pissed the President of China off. According to the RCMP, […]

Canada's Game Sparks Angry Canadians

   Canada has been in the international news numerous times in the last few years, and not in a good way. We, as Canadians, like to stay on the down low, no Trumpian antics here folks, nothing to see. If we do get noticed, it is hoped that it will be something good that Canada […]

Per Diem

   It seems that Canada has found itself in a whole lot of doo-doo. This over a part needed for the pipeline that feeds natural gas from Russia to Europe. The six Russian turbines were in Montreal for scheduled repair, when they got frozen there by Canada’s sanctions against Gazprom and its oligarch boss. Now […]

Missing Identity

   I can’t say what information people from other countries get when it comes to the evening news. I do know the evening news on Canadian networks will always include some news segment from the United States and usually something out of Europe, mostly the UK. It’s not like there isn’t enough Canadian news to […]

A Country With A Crisis

   The United States of America is a country in crisis. The amount of gun violence that takes place within its borders is staggering. The amount of hatred they exhibit to one another is staggering. The country is unsafe. Is it because of their lack of gun-control laws, or because the people believe the only […]

Was It Ever Close?

When the coronavirus first arrived, I thought that this was it. This was the thing that the world needed to bring it together. A common foe that would galvanize the species. At the outset it looked like I might be right. The ‘smart’ people stepped up and took charge, and we listened to what they […]

Putin Pops

Would you shop in a store that sells only one item? Not an item tailored specifically to you, but just one item… one flavor only… no variety… take it or leave it. Probably not, unless that was specifically what you wanted, and the price was right. Otherwise, you would go to a different store, right? […]

The Covid Connection (Snow Job Pt 2)

I guess it was inevitable after two years that I would finally have contact with the dreaded virus, COVID-19. It wasn’t, the I had contact with a guy that may have had contact with a guy that had definitely been in contact with some one that had the coronavirus, sort of contact.  No, this was […]

They Were Surprised??

And then there were none. As of Monday morning, the streets of the nation’s capital were devoid of semi-trucks and protesters. All the border crossings had re-opened and traffic was moving again in both directions. The only thing left happening outside in Canada, appears to be winter. On Thursday night, police started their Ottawa operation. […]

Giddy-Up, Go!

Okay, let me get this straight. The ‘Freedom Convoy’ protest, whose only point appears to get governments to remove all restrictions and mandates they have ever issued in the history of restrictions and mandates, have caused the federal government to implement even more of the aforementioned restrictions and mandates. Please don’t take this the wrong […]