A Decade of Difference

Day one, 2020. 1970 is now half a century ago, and I for one must say, time flies when you’re having fun. I usually write a recap of the year that had just passed but since this is the change in decades, I thought it would be worth looking back at the last decade of […]

Crazy Fast

The last of my grandchildren is now walking. At least I hope it is the last, I don’t think Honey and I can afford birthday presents for more. He took his first steps a few weeks ago and with that, keeping an eye on him just got tougher. Kids grow up crazy fast. As a […]


The ‘Caravan of Chaos’ arrived around midnight Thursday. I heard them come in the door and do their best to be as quiet as possible, and to their credit they did okay. I pretty much acknowledged their arrival in my head and went back to sleep. Three hours later I got up and went to […]

A Parent's Nightmare

I hate hospitals. Sorry Dee Dee, it’s nothing personal. I don’t like the ambiance, the antiseptic smell, the way everyone talks like they are in a library. With the exception of the maternity ward where there is screaming and the crying of little voices announcing their arrival into this world, the rest of the hospital […]

To My Surprise

Have you ever heard a knock on the door and when you open it, to your surprise, there stands a person you least expect? An old friend? A family member? A representative of ‘The Church of the Latter-Day Saint’? Okay skip that last one, that happens quite a lot around here so I’m never that […]

Everyone's 5th Cousin

As Ginger and The Earl prepare for the upcoming nuptials of their daughter DeeDee (Doctor Daughter), I am reminded of all the things that I dealt with during the preparation for the marriage of GenCo. Having a hundred guests invade your home can be stressful and preparing for it is both physically and emotionally draining. […]

Grumpa Supervision

A week ago IT Genie approached me and asked what I was doing the next day. Now any one can tell you that when a person approaches you and asks, “What are you doing tomorrow?” that is not what they are really asking. This is a question that I would say was rhetorical, there is […]

A Glance Back... 2016

I started the year absolutely reeling from the events of the previous year. 2015 had come up one personal death short of an alternate movie title, with three deaths and a wedding. It wasn’t really a good year to know me. I think I spent the first few months of 2016 looking over my shoulder […]

Handle With Care Too

When Elyza was born the majority of people I deal with on a daily basis had no idea of her existence. Bull and Tattoo live a thousand miles away and I’m not the type of person to just walk up to people and tell them I’m a grandfather. Parker is a different matter though, he […]

The Very First Time

The expansion of GenCo is complete and they have changed the company letterhead to read GenCo & Son. Yes there is a name to the “& Son”, and it is Parker. He arrived last week, much to the relief of Company, and has all the right parts in all the right places. He got to […]