Life is Crazy

Isn’t it all crazy? What you ask? Life… Life is crazy… the world is crazy… everything is crazy!! I know it’s always been this way but I can usually find something to hang onto that isn’t crazy. But crazy is everywhere! It is invading every layer of my life! Yes, I know I’m ranting on […]


It’s Canadian Thanksgiving weekend. Thanksgiving is a North American holiday that celebrates the European settlers that came to a new land and befriended the native population and just before they took their land and relocated them on the crappiest pieces of real estate they could find, had them over for a big assed meal. Kind […]

A Parent's Nightmare

I hate hospitals. Sorry Dee Dee, it’s nothing personal. I don’t like the ambiance, the antiseptic smell, the way everyone talks like they are in a library. With the exception of the maternity ward where there is screaming and the crying of little voices announcing their arrival into this world, the rest of the hospital […]


“Now is the time for all good men to come to the aid of the party.”   This is a phrase that my mother would use when she practiced her version of 1950’s keyboarding. They called it typing back then, and my mom’s fingers flew over the keys as she repeated this sentence on our […]

Uncle Jeremiah recently told me that the one thing he had realized about getting older is that the future gets shorter until there is no future. He said you reach a stage in life where you simply wake up, realize you’re not dead, get up, feed yourself, bathe yourself, and find a way to entertain […]

I Have A Tail... Who Knew?

Since spring appears to have finally arrived my weekend has been spent outdoors, therefore you get retreads today. Just to help your understanding, the cat I refer to in the following piece belongs to IT Genie and is not the current feline that has taken up residence in my home. Honey and I gave shelter […]

Dogs and Cats

We installed a cat door in the screen door to our deck. I watched the cat go through it the other day and all I can say is… “Damn that cat is fat!” It made me think of when she first arrived and I wrote the following.   June 2015 Her name is Cleo. The […]

Pieces of Life

I see my life as a montage of small events connected by only one thing… me. Encounters and small events that would just blend in with the rest of things that happen to me if I saw my life as just the same old, same old, every waking day the same as the last. But […]

2017... The Year That Was

Welcome to 2018. For those of you that are alive reading this, raise your hand if you never thought you would reach this day. Don’t bother raising your hand Uncle Jeremiah, I know that you’re surprised every day to wake up, so I’ll take you as a given. The rest of you can lower your […]

O' Christmas Tree

Thirty years ago, Honey and I put up our first ever Family Christmas tree. We had been together for six years. We had always had decorations in our house (Honey is very crafty) but we had always spent Christmas Day somewhere else. Having a tree was not really a necessity in those early years. When […]