Give It To Me Straight Doc

   I know there is a question, that you my loyal reader may wish to ask, but are too polite to do so. Now that the transplant is done, and there is no further treatment available for my type of cancer, how long do I actually have to live? The answer… I don’t know! I’m […]

The Harvest- Growing The Crop

When I was young and had a fever, my mother would give me an aspirin. If that didn’t work, she would give me two. Also, since aspirin could cause stomach discomfort, and being the good mother that she was, she always had me swallow them with milk to protect my stomach. Skim milk!! Like that […]

I have finished my fourth round of chemotherapy. The therapy has been a weekly event, and has been going on for the last sixteen weeks. Every Thursday, I take 20 pills for breakfast. I then drive to the hospital, where I receive a needle in my stomach. Does it sound like fun yet? Swallowing 20 […]

A Little Poke

I feel like a pin cushion. I don’t like needles, but they have become a regular part of my life since my initial diagnosis. Blood tests, injections and IV’s have all left holes up and down my arms. I guess it’s not as bad as it could be, but damn, every time somebody says, “just […]

My Oral Experience

I know what I said about the pictures but… I lied. This is a long one so you better get a fresh cup of coffee.   Many years back I was diagnosed with some form of gum disease. I was referred to a specialist as my oral condition deteriorated and as a result I made […]