There are two different entities at ‘The Playa’, or at least in my head there are. There is a restaurant business and there is a hotel/cabana/cottage/bed on the beach/ or however you wish to describe it, business. I can only speak to the hotel side of the business because I keep the reservations. With less […]

My COVID Christmas

It’s Christmas and all around the world people are celebrating the holiday season. This year it is a far different experience. We are not getting together in large family clusters, sitting and gorging ourselves on roast beast and ant-acids. This year is about Zoom calls, text messages and e-mails with loving sentiments. It’s virtual hugging, […]

What Comes Next

All of us, well at least the ones that are trying to avoid getting sick and dying, have spent many hours looking into our crystal balls trying to discern the future. What will happen next? That is the question we have all been debating since the beginning of 2020. From the outset of this pandemic […]

Hunker and Bunker

So maybe I laughed at the people that dug bunkers, I’m sure that a few of you did as well. Stock-piling cans of Spam and hoarding toilet paper. I chuckled at the absurdity of their actions, who needs to own a dozen can openers?? Well, my province just went into lockdown, code red, stay at […]