Currently Updating... Please Do Not Turn Off Your Life

I realize that every person on this planet has been affected by COVID-19, even the hermits. The disruption it has caused, to routines and life plans, is universal. But I can only tell you about me. What has this pandemic done to me? Time hasn’t stopped, and the calendar on the wall tells me that […]

Adventures From My Chair

My visit to The Playa is winding down and I know I have not given much detail on any adventures that have taken place. When I use the word adventure it does not mean I have made some enormous trek into the jungles or down some winding river. Machete in hand, hacking my way through […]


I have written before about driving in the Dominican Republic. I’m sure that I used expletives like crazy, insane, hectic and down right scary. It’s like playing a video game, a cross between Grand Theft Auto and Mario Cart Race (you don’t need to play video games to get what I mean). It’s part cartoon, […]



The clock ticks ever closer to my escape to the beaches of the Dominican Republic. This year will mark the third meeting of The Los Gringos Refugee Club and the first reunion of the victorious forces from The Siege at Los Gringos, as not only will Ginger and The Earl be there but Rock and […]

A Streams Gotta Come From Somewhere


One of the things that I enjoy when I travel is meeting new people. Since circumstances were what they were this year, that opportunity didn’t present itself very much this time around. In fact the only new person I became acquainted with this year was Head Waters. Oh sure, I had contact with the local […]

The Siege at Los Gringos

I consider myself a lucky man. Not because I have achieved great fortune or risen to the pinnacle of my profession. Not because I have done great things or played a part in world shaping events. I am a lucky man because of the people I have met over my lifetime, people that have helped […]

You Decide... I'm Busy.

I know… I know… I didn’t even give you something old last week… my bad.   In my defense I have been busy and I have been writing but I’m not getting anything done. You know how that is, you put in the hours on a task and in the end when you look at […]

The Los Gringos Refugee Club- Part 1

It’s June and here I am thinking about winter get-a-ways. This is because I have received two communications in the last week to do with said subject. The first came from Ginger and The Earl. The second came from a couple Honey and I met two years ago, Rock and Stream. I had a hard time […]

The Los Gringos Refugee Club- Part 2

February 2015   The Afternoon Shift   When we last left our merry band of refugees they were parked in a cantina in Rio San Juan enjoying a cold beverage on a hot day.   Rio San Juan is a city/town of about 9,000 people. Most of which were not to be seen on that […]

The Los Gringos Refugee Club- Part 3

February 2015   The Night Shift   Okay this is the last shift… I promise. The whole thing is starting to sound like a story from a six year-old. “Then we… and then we… and then I said…” You get my point, so I will try to make this brief(ish).   It gets dark in […]