A Decade of Difference

Day one, 2020. 1970 is now half a century ago, and I for one must say, time flies when you’re having fun. I usually write a recap of the year that had just passed but since this is the change in decades, I thought it would be worth looking back at the last decade of […]

Crazy Fast

The last of my grandchildren is now walking. At least I hope it is the last, I don’t think Honey and I can afford birthday presents for more. He took his first steps a few weeks ago and with that, keeping an eye on him just got tougher. Kids grow up crazy fast. As a […]


The ‘Caravan of Chaos’ arrived around midnight Thursday. I heard them come in the door and do their best to be as quiet as possible, and to their credit they did okay. I pretty much acknowledged their arrival in my head and went back to sleep. Three hours later I got up and went to […]


It’s Canadian Thanksgiving weekend. Thanksgiving is a North American holiday that celebrates the European settlers that came to a new land and befriended the native population and just before they took their land and relocated them on the crappiest pieces of real estate they could find, had them over for a big assed meal. Kind […]

To My Surprise

Have you ever heard a knock on the door and when you open it, to your surprise, there stands a person you least expect? An old friend? A family member? A representative of ‘The Church of the Latter-Day Saint’? Okay skip that last one, that happens quite a lot around here so I’m never that […]

Granny Goodness

As the three of you may have noticed there was nothing from me last week. Have no fear nothing has gone wrong and all around me are healthy and relatively happy to the best of my knowledge. Last weekend Honey and I hit the road to cross the prairies and ‘surprise’ our grandchildren with a […]

A Glance Back... 2016

I started the year absolutely reeling from the events of the previous year. 2015 had come up one personal death short of an alternate movie title, with three deaths and a wedding. It wasn’t really a good year to know me. I think I spent the first few months of 2016 looking over my shoulder […]

Handle With Care Too

When Elyza was born the majority of people I deal with on a daily basis had no idea of her existence. Bull and Tattoo live a thousand miles away and I’m not the type of person to just walk up to people and tell them I’m a grandfather. Parker is a different matter though, he […]

A Good Book

Do you hear that? THAT’S RIGHT IT’S SILENCE!!!   We put them all on a plane and after two days of Honey’s intense cleaning we have managed to reclaim half of our house. Thankfully it’s the half we use. The basement sleeping quarters still lay in rubble. It is an area that can wait.   […]

Grandma Mode

I have been with my wife, Honey, for the better part of 35 years and I would like to think that I know her pretty well. Oh hell who am I kidding… she’s a woman and I really have no clue. Before she started into menopause she was fairly predictable in a womanly way but […]