This is the last of the three posts, I can’t say for certain whether this is the end of my re-posts on Los Gringos as it was, I have close to 60 un-republished articles that I wrote during the three visits I made there but I think I have given any new readers an idea […]



Floyd is one of my few regular readers. He commented on the previous post and never one to listen to good advice I decided to reply with the following thoughts on said advice.  February 2015 My friend Floyd made a comment on this blog that made me think of omens. I know many people would say […]

Bad News

The time has come to accelerate the process, so you’re getting 3 re-posts today. This will explain what happened last year and I will be able to finally tell all three of you readers what has become of Los Gringos. February 2015 Bad news is something that we all must endure. We don’t look for […]

I Thought I Needed More

I’m almost at the place where you get to find out what has become of Los Gringos but I wanted to share one last memory of my first experiences there. Los Gringos was the first place that Honey and I went to that wasn’t an all-inclusive resort. We were on a tight budget and it was […]

'... And The Times They Are A Changing'

As you can see from the last post that sleep is something that I struggle with. I get to sleep but I just don’t stay there and my internal clock is forever telling it’s time to get up. Today and for the next week my internal clock and I will be at odds because today […]

Internal Clocks and Sensors

A little more about me, I wouldn’t want anyone to start thinking that this is an actual travel site. I think the awesome stick drawings should give them the idea. May 2013 Therapeutic Massage, I don’t know what exactly it is, but after a hard day, when my body is screaming at me in pain, […]

Dodging Traffic

February 2014 “… or take a romantic walk along the beach.” This is a tag line that you can find on almost any site advertising a resort in the Caribbean. The truth is that yes you can walk along almost any beach at any resort in the Caribbean. Is it romantic? I guess that depends […]

The Familia

Although I have given pseudonyms to the majority of the people in this blog, in the case of Los Gringos I am using actual names mostly because Los Gringos no longer exists in the form I am writing about. This will be fully explained in the future along with what has become of the location […]

The Land of Che

I’ve never written about Cuba, it was before I had started my original blog and I never felt like going backwards. Cuba like all the other islands in the Caribbean is beautiful. Mind you I say that about all of them, maybe because I am leaving frozen tundra and arriving in lush tropical jungle. This […]

Verbal Diarrhea

I thought I would give you something different today. I’ll come back to Los Gringos and travelling in general in a bit. I just thought I should give you a more detailed look into my inner workings.  October 2012 I talk too much. I mean that I just run off at the mouth about anything. […]