Verbal Diarrhea

I thought I would give you something different today. I’ll come back to Los Gringos and travelling in general in a bit. I just thought I should give you a more detailed look into my inner workings.  October 2012 I talk too much. I mean that I just run off at the mouth about anything. […]

Bug Bait

I think I have painted a decent picture of what Los Gringos, the people and environment, were for me in my previous re-posts. WHAT?!!! You haven’t read them!!! What’s the point of character development if the reader skips it!! Get your ass back at least a couple of articles so you know what I’m talking […]

Well Met

I have written many articles about Los Gringos and the people over the course of four years. I will not bore you with all of them but some I feel are important to character development, not Los Gringos’… but mine.   January 2014 The sign painted on the outside of the restaurant at Los Gringos […]

Road Rockets

I know many of these first articles are out of  chronological sequence (It’s going to drive Honey nuts), but I feel it is important to give some kind of background before I jump forward. I feel I need to introduce any new reader to the cast of character’s that have littered my life for the […]

Jake from State Farm

This is from our first visit to Los Gringos. Jake was a stray mongrel that was there only on this first trip. At dinner with Ginger and The Earl, the owners of the property on the Playa Magante (that’s right, new names to protect the innocent, how exciting), we named this stray Jake and took to […]



I started writing this blog four years ago, February 2012. As I start to rebuild a foundation to this site I thought it was only fitting that I re-post something I wrote back then about a place that would, unbeknownst to me, become a big part of my life. A place I am sad to say no […]

The Blog formerly known as... I'm just saying

Yes you’re in the right place, this is home of my blog. If any of you are previous readers and are looking for some content, I’m sorry to inform you that GoDaddy has deleted all previous posts from their server. So I have to start all over again!!! 300 plus articles erased from the world […]