The Honey Jar

Nature vs Nurture

   Anyone who knows me well, knows what a nature fanatic I am. My dad used to take us out for a Sunday drive, which was always into the county side. He would be pointing out animals and birds, and we three kids would be scanning the area to see whatever it was first. I […]


   Day 1– You would think that after months of planning, bookings, and conversations regarding our Gypsy experiment, we would be ready to bolt first thing in the morning. Oh, we bolted… three different times! We obviously weren’t as prepared as we thought we were. First it is the dirty windshield to clean, back to […]

Canada's Game Sparks Angry Canadians

   Canada has been in the international news numerous times in the last few years, and not in a good way. We, as Canadians, like to stay on the down low, no Trumpian antics here folks, nothing to see. If we do get noticed, it is hoped that it will be something good that Canada […]

If I Knew Then

   You know those questions people often ask? If you had to do it over, would you change anything? I have learned that wisdom does indeed come with age and experience. Too bad we couldn’t get a little wisdom in our early 20s. The world is changing, and in the last number of years it […]

Wildlife Watch

   When our family went on big vacations, we went by automobile most of the time. We travelled to Ontario for birthdays and Christmas. We travelled to Alberta to see family, and BC for a wedding. We camped a few times just for a weekend with friends, and once when we were travelling through northern […]

The Great Gypsy Experiment

   It is indeed a Red Letter Day! I have been invited to contribute articles to Chippy’s (AKA Mr. Hole’s) blog. I think it’s an effort to help with the growing boredom I am experiencing as a low profile retiree. Usually there is gardening and outside work to keep me busy during the spring and […]