Deadly Critters

It’s been raining here for the better part of two weeks which means two things, my over-fertilized wedding grass from last year has grown three inches and there are a billion mosquitoes lurking in it. They’re just waiting for me to mow the lawn. I can hear them buzzing out there, taunting me, “Yum, Yum, […]

I Pay Their Salaries!!!

Well it seems that the Americans are not the only country that can put fun into dysfunctional. We Canadians can serve it up too.   This week in Canadian parliament our Prime Minister, the right honourable Justin Trudeau, elbowed a female member of the opposition party in the chest. The New Democratic party yelled foul […]

Row One Seat One

This is my opinion. Do not mistake the following of being an actual, factual news article. It’s just what I think.   I am Canadian; have been all my life. Being Canadian is not the same as being American even though much of the world views it as such. Our social, economic and political systems […]

I was speaking to a fellow employee the other day when she told me a story. I have not made any effort to verify the facts of her story because the story is not the point.   She told me about a couple who had recently arrived from Syria. They were just two of the […]

Far Too Serious

Does your life contain humour? Do you laugh every day? I cannot remember a day in over fifty years when I did not laugh at least once. Even on days when there has been tragic loss I have still managed at least one half-hearted ‘ha-ha’. Some people might find this strange but it is the […]

Below Normal


At work the other day a guy from the Big Box Store came up to me and said, “We have four seasons in this part of the country… Winter, Still Winter, Construction and Almost Winter.” I laughed because as a Canadian I totally understand what he means. It is either winter here or cold enough […]



Floyd is one of my few regular readers. He commented on the previous post and never one to listen to good advice I decided to reply with the following thoughts on said advice.  February 2015 My friend Floyd made a comment on this blog that made me think of omens. I know many people would say […]

'... And The Times They Are A Changing'

As you can see from the last post that sleep is something that I struggle with. I get to sleep but I just don’t stay there and my internal clock is forever telling it’s time to get up. Today and for the next week my internal clock and I will be at odds because today […]