The following is a parody. I sung it in my head and since I don’t actually know the words to the song, I am basically just repeating the same melody over and over again. If you are a rabid ‘Who’ fan I sincerely apologize but I am invoking the ‘Weird Al’ parody protocol and […]

Ssss... Nooooooooooo!!!

September 23, 2018… It snowed yesterday. That’s right, snow!!! That white fluffy stuff that people that have never seen it before think is so pretty!! I cut my grass on Tuesday!! I woke up today and I now need to shovel my walk!!! This is the type of thing that causes the uneducated to question […]

You Know You're a Dinosaur...

You know you’re a dinosaur…   When the senior discount applies to you.   When you hear people say, “years ago they used to…”, and they are referring to the decade after you were born!   When you drive your car 10 kph below the limit.   When you see a face that you recognize […]


What do you think? Head held high or in hand-cuffs? How’s he going out?   I had a friend say to me (keep in mind this is two Canadians talking), “None of this would be happening if it wasn’t for the Russia Investigation.” Shhhhh!!! Don’t say anything Uncle Jeremiah, let me set it up.   […]

News From The Cracks

Last week I read these news headlines… ‘Trump says Canadians are smuggling shoes’ ‘Britain and Europe facing beer shortage during world cup’ ‘Canada passes final reading of cannabis law‘   I know there are more important headlines that have a more of a significant impact on mankind, but if you’re looking for those kind of […]

Wow!! Okay that was a little too close for comfort. After I published my last piece both teams promptly went out that lost that night. The basketball Raptors were unceremoniously swept from the payoffs by the basketball god LeBron James and the Cleveland Cavaliers. The Jets looked like a they had all just graduated from […]

I’m having serious issues with the equipment I am using. Is it some kind of personal attack orchestrated by my old pal Murphy or do I just have a ‘lemon’? The truck that I use for work is constantly breaking down and the computers (yes, more than one) that I use malfunction with more regularity […]

Dogs and Cats

We installed a cat door in the screen door to our deck. I watched the cat go through it the other day and all I can say is… “Damn that cat is fat!” It made me think of when she first arrived and I wrote the following.   June 2015 Her name is Cleo. The […]

Pieces of Life

I see my life as a montage of small events connected by only one thing… me. Encounters and small events that would just blend in with the rest of things that happen to me if I saw my life as just the same old, same old, every waking day the same as the last. But […]

One Voice

I have been hard on teenagers in the past. Their under-developed understanding of just about everything has caused me to be frustrated by their actions. Their lack of fore-thought before they do anything has caused me to shake my head and their inability to learn from others who have gone before them seems incomprehensible. I […]