Millennial’s, Gen Xer’s, the lost generation, baby boomers and war/dirty 30’s children, these generations represent the living factions of our world’s population. We all fit into one of these buckets except maybe the few people who are topping the centennial mark in age but I doubt they will reads this. Where do you lie?   […]

You Always Need a Guy


Busy or lazy or a combination of both. That’s what I’ve been, so you’re getting re-treads but it’s better than nothing right? It doesn’t match the weather here currently, frost is starting to appear in the morning and my A/C is under wraps for the year but this piece made me chuckle and I hope […]

Things Like;

I like to write. Sometimes I do it to fill my day but if you hadn’t noticed my days are generally easy to fill. I write so that I can express my feelings about my life and the world around me. I don’t write about my work in any detail because I’m too close to […]

Adios Rio

The Rio Olympics have ended. The games from a Canadian standpoint have been an outstanding success. We have managed to tie the Atlanta Games for the most hardware Canadians have won in any Summer Olympic Games at 22. The men even managed to contribute a fistful. Overall I am quite proud of my nation’s athlete’s […]

Comfortable Things


  December 2013   When I was young, I’m talking 4 to 6 years old, I had a security blanket. Much like Linus Van Pelt of Peanuts fame, I carted that thing around with me all over the house. It never traveled outside our doors that I can remember, but I do remember lying on […]

Lazy Larry

Theresa May is to become Britain’s newest Prime Minister. I read in the New York Times that she is due to take up residence at 10 Downing Street immediately and that she will be greeted by Larry the cat. This made me laugh as I had written about Larry a few years ago, it was […]



There is one real advantage to getting out of bed in what others would consider the middle of the night, the solitude. You are not really alone but at four in the morning you’re pretty damn close.   I personally like it, not the days when I’m getting up to go to work but the […]

Deadly Critters

It’s been raining here for the better part of two weeks which means two things, my over-fertilized wedding grass from last year has grown three inches and there are a billion mosquitoes lurking in it. They’re just waiting for me to mow the lawn. I can hear them buzzing out there, taunting me, “Yum, Yum, […]

I Pay Their Salaries!!!

Well it seems that the Americans are not the only country that can put fun into dysfunctional. We Canadians can serve it up too.   This week in Canadian parliament our Prime Minister, the right honourable Justin Trudeau, elbowed a female member of the opposition party in the chest. The New Democratic party yelled foul […]

Row One Seat One

This is my opinion. Do not mistake the following of being an actual, factual news article. It’s just what I think.   I am Canadian; have been all my life. Being Canadian is not the same as being American even though much of the world views it as such. Our social, economic and political systems […]