Hunker and Bunker

So maybe I laughed at the people that dug bunkers, I’m sure that a few of you did as well. Stock-piling cans of Spam and hoarding toilet paper. I chuckled at the absurdity of their actions, who needs to own a dozen can openers?? Well, my province just went into lockdown, code red, stay at […]

More Crazy Days To Come

WOW!!! That was crazy!! I’ve been sitting on the edge of my seat for days! It was like watching a train-wreck in slow motion! I couldn’t look away!! Finally, on Saturday the media en-masse declared Joe Biden the President-elect of the United States of America. I feel like I have been sitting in a dentist’s […]

Can I Get Any Luckier???

Well… Aren’t I the lucky one! I get to ply my trade in the 5th most-dangerous center in the country; that’s right I said country! On my countries ‘most likely place to have a crime committed against you’ list, there it sits at number 5. The Big City where I drive to twice a week […]

Only In America

Now I understand that I am not an American citizen, and for the most part get my information in ten-second sound bites, but as I see it, the only way Trump would be the smartest guy in the room, is if everyone else left. Just so I have this straight, being from another country and […]

It's An Overload

I find there is too much going on in the world and that managing to have one complete thought, before another one pops into my head, is all but impossible. It would probably help if I didn’t spend time watching and reading the news. Mind you if I didn’t, I might never have known about […]


     There is less than 100 days remaining until the United States goes to the polls to elect or re-elect a President. It’s hard to believe that it has already been four years since the populous, well almost half of the ones that voted, put P.T. Barnum a.k.a. D.J. Trump in the White House. So, […]

Domestic Engineering- The 'Man-Sized' Load

Some of you I realize, have been staying home far more than usual in the last few months. This has led to you either doing, or at least attempting, more domestic tasks than usual. Sheer boredom has led you to say things like, “I’ll do the dusting today,” or “I’ll make the bed,” and ask […]

Phased Out


I think I’m having a reaction to Phase 3. I might just be having a reaction to what appears to be happening in Phase 2 and therefore I am applying it to Phase 3 but I’m definitely having some kind of a reaction. Our area, relative to the rest of the world, has seen little […]

A Father's Day Conspiracy?

Original publication June 2012 It’s Father’s Day. The day that once a year we pay homage to the men that raised us. When my children were young it was the day they would take me golfing. WAIT A MINUTE!!Wasn’t that Mother’s Day??? That my loyal reader, is the difference between Mother’s Day and Father’s Day. […]

Just A Theory

A theory is an idea. It stops being a theory once it has been proven or disproven. Developing a theory is not all that hard, any idiot can come up with a theory, my neighbour does it all the time. I dread the day when some scientist describes some medical discovery as a ‘disinfectant for […]