Thin Skinned

   I’m thin skinned. I don’t mean I’m testy, and take everything I read and hear the wrong way, I mean I really have thin skin. My skin used to have layers upon layers of epidermal material. It took a lot to make me bruise and in most cases my skin rarely broke open, except […]

And It's Only Friday...

   This week was one of those weeks where Chinese-Canadian relations took a step. Forward, backward, or sideways, I’m not quite sure. In one week, we (Canada) arrested a man for spying on behalf of the government of China, and the Prime Minister of Canada pissed the President of China off. According to the RCMP, […]


  The roar of the crowd was deafening. The stadium shook, as the home crowd screamed and stomped. Even the players, could feel the ground shake. The score was tied, and there was less than a minute to play in the game. The hometown crowd was in a frenzy, cheering on their team and jeering […]


   In March 2014 I was sitting in the waiting room of the Mercedes-Benz dealership as they gave my work-truck its regular maintenance. I was reading the newspaper and I came across a story buried way in the back, one my father would have called a filler piece. If there had been more news that […]

The Millennial Toilet

   Home. Our Atlantic land journey has been completed. A trip that saw Honey and I drive a little more the 12,000kms, over 30 days. An epic journey, for both of us. When you add distance, to number of days of travel, then divide that by the number of times I got lost, then multiply […]

Per Diem

   It seems that Canada has found itself in a whole lot of doo-doo. This over a part needed for the pipeline that feeds natural gas from Russia to Europe. The six Russian turbines were in Montreal for scheduled repair, when they got frozen there by Canada’s sanctions against Gazprom and its oligarch boss. Now […]

Lid Opener

   As I aged, my body started to change. At 50 I started to notice that my strength had diminished, and my heart beat faster than it had at 30 when I exerted myself. At 50, I started working much smarter, because I couldn’t work any harder. I had to apply thought, over brute strength, […]

Missing Identity

   I can’t say what information people from other countries get when it comes to the evening news. I do know the evening news on Canadian networks will always include some news segment from the United States and usually something out of Europe, mostly the UK. It’s not like there isn’t enough Canadian news to […]

I Was Told...

   I was told… ‘That when reporters arrived in Poland, they asked where the camps were? There are no camps, they were told. So where are all the Ukrainian refugees? The 1.4 million refugees were being housed in the homes of the people of Poland. Some of this was organized but in large part, it […]

A Country With A Crisis

   The United States of America is a country in crisis. The amount of gun violence that takes place within its borders is staggering. The amount of hatred they exhibit to one another is staggering. The country is unsafe. Is it because of their lack of gun-control laws, or because the people believe the only […]