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   I am now at Day 7 of the final portion of my cancer treatment, aka the transplant. With the transplant completed, all that remains for me is to manage through the side-effects. There are three effects that I feel I am trying to manage. Fatigue, an overall tiredness and lack of energy. Pain, which […]

Back In You Go

   I have a private room at the Health Sciences Centre in the Big City. It has a single bed, a small desk, a small reclining chair, and a small private bathroom with a bathtub and shower wand but no shower curtain. Oh yes, how could I forget, it has a 55” flat screen TV. […]


   As has been the case since the beginning of my cancer treatment adventure, the anticipation and anxiety created by an upcoming procedure, has been worse than the procedure itself. The one exception has been having to give myself fourteen injections, that was worse than I had thought it would be. On Day One of […]

Like It Isn't Bad Enough

  The time is finally here for me to head to the hospital for my stem cell transplant. I been home for the last few weeks, allowing my body time to heal from all the puncture wounds that it sustained during the ‘harvest’. Giving me some time to regain my strength, so I can handle […]

The Harvest- Bringing In The Sheaves

I know this is redundant for you, my loyal reader, but at one point or another this information will be shoved into this article, so let’s get it over with. Stem cells help my body to create blood cells. Red blood cells to transport oxygen throughout my body, white blood cells to help me combat […]

The Harvest- Growing The Crop

When I was young and had a fever, my mother would give me an aspirin. If that didn’t work, she would give me two. Also, since aspirin could cause stomach discomfort, and being the good mother that she was, she always had me swallow them with milk to protect my stomach. Skim milk!! Like that […]

The Harvest- Prepping the Field

The second stage of my cancer treatments have begun. I am calling it the ‘harvest’ stage. Over the course of ten days, I will take medications that will prepare my body for the ‘harvest’. Having a harvest requires a crop, and in my case, the crop are the stem-cells that my body creates. I’m not […]

The Covid Connection (Snow Job Pt 2)

I guess it was inevitable after two years that I would finally have contact with the dreaded virus, COVID-19. It wasn’t, the I had contact with a guy that may have had contact with a guy that had definitely been in contact with some one that had the coronavirus, sort of contact.  No, this was […]

Snow Job

It snowed last week. Two different weather systems left almost two feet of snow on my walk and driveway in the course of 72-hours. This might not seem to be much to some, but when you need to move it with a shovel, it’s a mountain of snow! This winter has brought us a total […]


I have finished my fourth round of chemotherapy. The therapy has been a weekly event, and has been going on for the last sixteen weeks. Every Thursday, I take 20 pills for breakfast. I then drive to the hospital, where I receive a needle in my stomach. Does it sound like fun yet? Swallowing 20 […]