Give It To Me Straight Doc

   I know there is a question, that you my loyal reader may wish to ask, but are too polite to do so. Now that the transplant is done, and there is no further treatment available for my type of cancer, how long do I actually have to live? The answer… I don’t know! I’m […]

Wildlife Watch

   When our family went on big vacations, we went by automobile most of the time. We travelled to Ontario for birthdays and Christmas. We travelled to Alberta to see family, and BC for a wedding. We camped a few times just for a weekend with friends, and once when we were travelling through northern […]

The Great Gypsy Experiment

   It is indeed a Red Letter Day! I have been invited to contribute articles to Chippy’s (AKA Mr. Hole’s) blog. I think it’s an effort to help with the growing boredom I am experiencing as a low profile retiree. Usually there is gardening and outside work to keep me busy during the spring and […]

Going For A Drive

   I don’t have a bucket-list, but I do want to spend some of the time I have remaining with my wife, doing things that retired people do. Deciding what retired people do, is not as easy as you might think. The list of retiree’s activities includes things like needlepoint, volunteering, joining a bocce league, […]


   My wife and I have just celebrated our 40th wedding anniversary. Given the times and circumstances, there was no big celebration. But as a gift to ourselves we bought a new car, well new to us at least. We’ve named the car Ruby. (Look it up, if you don’t understand) Why a new car […]

I Was Told...

   I was told… ‘That when reporters arrived in Poland, they asked where the camps were? There are no camps, they were told. So where are all the Ukrainian refugees? The 1.4 million refugees were being housed in the homes of the people of Poland. Some of this was organized but in large part, it […]

A Country With A Crisis

   The United States of America is a country in crisis. The amount of gun violence that takes place within its borders is staggering. The amount of hatred they exhibit to one another is staggering. The country is unsafe. Is it because of their lack of gun-control laws, or because the people believe the only […]

Credit Card Shuffle


   No matter how old you get, your kids are always your kids. When your child’s life goes off the rail, so does yours. It doesn’t matter who you are, just look at Queen Elisabeth and the whole Andrew thing, if you are a parent your life is forever intertwined with those that you helped […]

Head Games

   I moved around a lot during my school years, attending six different schools during that time. Seven, if you count my 6-week stint in summer school. Moving around this much meant, I met a lot of different people during those years, and sadly, most I don’t remember. I do remember times spent in activities […]

A River Runs Through It

   The weekend that I left the hospital, it snowed. The weekend after that it snowed again, week three brought rain and this last weekend we had rain, thunder and lightening. So much precipitation has fallen, that the lands in my province are under water. Highways are impassable and entire communities are closed off behind […]