And It’s Only Friday…

   This week was one of those weeks where Chinese-Canadian relations took a step. Forward, backward, or sideways, I’m not quite sure. In one week, we (Canada) arrested a man for spying on behalf of the government of China, and the Prime Minister of Canada pissed the President of China off.

According to the RCMP, Yuesheng Wang, a Hydro Quebec employee, was arrested on the charge of espionage. Accused of fraud for obtaining trade secrets, unauthorized use of a computer, breach of trust by a public officer, and obtaining trade secrets (a federal charge). Unauthorized use of a computer? Someone didn’t protect their password. Not only did Mr. Wang sneak around the office, accessing other’s computers, he then sent this sensitive information directly to the Chinese government. How smart is that? At least the Russians use hackers as fronts.

   Two days later, cameras caught a less than cordial exchange between the PM of Canada and the President of China. Xi (hope I spelled that right), was none to happy that Trudeau’s office had leaked an earlier conversation that the two had had. The talking-heads (media), inferred many things from the brief exchange. They commented on body-language and the use of a certain phrase, they even commented on skin-tone changes. I thought I was watching a sport’s highlight reel. The take away, was that Xi was angry because Trudeau told the truth to the media, which is reassuring if you ask me, and that Xi isn’t smart enough to realize that the camera only a few feet away from his face was recording! Trudeau knew! Responding with, ‘that’s not the way it is in Canada’ looked good on tape.

We had a win-win week in Canada, if you ask me. Sure, it took four years to catch the spy, and I have no idea what the original conversation between the two leaders that was leaked, was about. I didn’t even know it had happened! But I view the interference of any foreign government in our domestic affairs as being taboo. We don’t need help screwing it up! I’m all for the culture that others bring to our country, and the positive influences it has on our society, but keep your opinions to yourself, and your hand out of the cookie-jar!

   Protecting what is ours is important, including the honesty we expect from our elected officials. There are too many things going on in the world, not to have our position recognized. It is not okay by another country to steal our ideas and developments, so they can benefit from our hard work. It is not okay for the leader of our country not to tell us the truth about what was said when he is representing my country. It is not okay to interfere with our due process. We may be a young country, one that has been prone to mistakes, but we are a sovereign country and should be respected as such. Showing China, a very powerful country, that this is the way it is here, is worth any fall-out that will come later. I can live without a $9 t-shirt from Wal-Mart.

So, from this Canadian’s perspective, we stood tall, and had an up week, and aside from the Cheeto announcing his candidacy for US president (I have much to say about this in the future), it was actually a very good week to be Canadian… and its only Friday!!








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