Larry’s Still On The Job

   In March 2014 I was sitting in the waiting room of the Mercedes-Benz dealership as they gave my work-truck its regular maintenance. I was reading the newspaper and I came across a story buried way in the back, one my father would have called a filler piece. If there had been more news that day it would have been cut due to space, he would have told me, but as luck would have it, it wasn’t, and I first learned of Larry, the British mouser. It inspired me to write ‘Lazy Larry’.

In July 2016, I came across another article published in the New York Times, and since my original blog had been erased, I re-published the article,

See! I’m learning things here! That’s a link, and if you want to read what I wrote just go there. In 2016 I had to cut and paste the entire thing! It probably took me three hours to make happen!! I did that in thirty seconds!! My work here is done!!!

Not quite… Larry was back in the news this week, this time with video, and once again I was smiling. Larry is still at 10 Downing St as the Chief Mouser of the Cabinet (actual title) and is now on his fourth Prime Minister. He’s an old cat, 76 in ‘cat-years’ and has been at 10 Downing since 2011, but seeing that unlike a dog that has a master, Larry has had a staff, and has lived a pretty stress-free life. Even through the ‘Boris’ years! If a cat could write a memoir, I’m sure Larry would have some stories he could tell. Larry is still lounging around on the antique furniture, and as always, still playing with the wildlife.

Another link… now my work here is done









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    Your use of links is impressive! The next step is learning how to embed the link directly into your text 😉

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      Why? Was it too much work to click on the link? 😉

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