Where’s I’m to…

I’m on adventure and unlike sitting on The Playa, my hands are on the wheel and not on a keyboard. So I thought I would share a few of the places I’ve been in the last week.

This is the Hotel Acadia in Quebec City. This is where I paid the bill for our hotel stay in the city. We slept across the street at another of their properties, but I forgot to take a picture. My bad…


Old Quebec. Don’t be fooled, it is usually packed with tourists. But this is 6:30am and I’m wandering the streets looking for coffee.




Below is the Hotel Frontenac. This is as close as I could afford to get to it. That’s just a picture from the side.



Hope Well Rocks, Bay of Fundy New Brunswick

During low tide you can walk on the ocean floor







And I did.


West Point Lighthouse Inn and Museum, Prince Edward Island. This is where’s I’m currently at. Yes, the light actually works and I’m sleeping below it.

There you have it, the stories will follow later, but I thought some of you might want to see where I have been this last week.

The score for animal spotting is Honey- 9, Chippy- 8. I’m hanging in there! No Uncle Jeremiah, I haven’t seen anĀ  alpaca yet, but I have a lead on one.

I’ve found four items on my treasure hunt list, one of which was a giant lobster. It was a 30′ statue… hard to miss!

Off to bed, more adventures await tomorrow.






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