Ruby Odyssey 08-09-22

   Day 1– You would think that after months of planning, bookings, and conversations regarding our Gypsy experiment, we would be ready to bolt first thing in the morning. Oh, we bolted… three different times! We obviously weren’t as prepared as we thought we were. First it is the dirty windshield to clean, back to the house we went. Then it is the cat food dish in the dirty dishwater, Chippy had forgotten, back to the house again. Third time’s the charm, and we are off! We are not fighting over the delays however… we are belly laughing. A very good omen. We finally hit Ontario border and can begin our wildlife spotting competition. Believe it or not Chippy draws first blood by spotting a falcon. I see swans, and a turtle. And then nothing, I’m talking wildlife spotting desert here! We do see falcons again but only the first one counts. By 2 pm Chippy is trying to convince me that the barnyard sheep he sees should count, I hold my ground, I am still confident we will spot something cool. We eventually make it to our hotel, and are relieved that the first of a long three leg trek through northern Ontario is behind us. A quick meal and then lights out. We’re not embarrassed to be hitting the hay at 8:30 pm

   Day 2– Not much sleep for me, but I’m a gamer so I volunteer to drive at least for a while, give Chippy a chance to do some wildlife spotting. Beautiful scenery around lakes and every bend. More falcons, I see a couple of ducks. Driver switch. By mid afternoon I give in, not just wildlife, any animal counts with the exception of crows, sparrows, cats or dogs. Chippy adds sheep and I add horses and cows. Then I find out Chippy really wants to see an alpaca. Could that be so hard? Yep. No alpacas today.

Day 3– Are we there yet?







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    I’m still betting on you Honey!

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