Nature vs Nurture

   Anyone who knows me well, knows what a nature fanatic I am. My dad used to take us out for a Sunday drive, which was always into the county side. He would be pointing out animals and birds, and we three kids would be scanning the area to see whatever it was first. I usually won, but to be fair to the two bros, I was the oldest. It was these drives and the things I saw that got me started on my love for nature in all it’s forms. I definitely come by it honestly.

The most exposure I get to nature nowadays is in my own backyard. Baby robins in the nest being fed by mommy, up close and personal with a hummingbird, bees pollinating my flowers. These are all impressive to me, and I could watch for hours. Chippy also enjoys the view from our deck, and can identify many birds and flowers, I guess I’ve told him often enough what they were.

   This gypsy adventure has kicked the nature up by more than a few notches. While Chippy and I were driving through northern Ontario we were trying to identify which predatory bird we were seeing. Chippy was driving and I was craning my neck to see the bird. I was mesmerized. When we lost sight of it, Chippy says “so was it a hawk?” I don’t know, probably, but I was too busy watching how it could turn and shift by a mere twitch of a wing tip or tail. I turned to Chippy and said “nature is spectacular.”

Now we are experiencing nature on a different level, seeing things we have never seen before. OMG it is phenomenal! From the tides at Hopewell rocks to the seagulls fishing in front of the lighthouse deck. Different flora to identify and vistas that are postcard worthy. I am immersed in it all, and absolutely loving it.

Nature vs Nurture? How about Nature as Nurture.

Oh, and I saw a seal yesterday morning.





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