Canada’s Game Sparks Angry Canadians

   Canada has been in the international news numerous times in the last few years, and not in a good way. We, as Canadians, like to stay on the down low, no Trumpian antics here folks, nothing to see. If we do get noticed, it is hoped that it will be something good that Canada did. The most recent example for me would be the Ukraine war. Trudeau did the right thing by sticking with our allies and calling out Putin, yay. The thing that really impressed me though, was that we had a few brilliant women in those meetings, who brought new ideas to the table and thought outside the box. Then they went to other allies and sold them those ideas. We are a huge country with a small population, so we can’t afford to throw all the cash that others do at the Ukraine crisis, but we can do diplomacy.

   Of course, it can’t always work that way. The recent discovery of unmarked graves on indigenous residential school grounds was bad press. I would have preferred that story didn’t go international, but wasn’t surprised that it did. I know that a lot of Canadians didn’t know this, but that’s because no one in authority would listen to the victims. I live close to a defunct residential school, so I knew what went on, kind of. Not the unmarked grave part for sure. I am sad the world sees our dirty laundry, but think it’s damn well time to start treating every human with, well, humanity. What was done during colonization was horrific for all native people in every country Europe decided to conquer. Let’s own it, work towards reconciliation, whatever that looks like, and move forward together. Yeah, I know I sound like Justin with the whole together thing.

But now there’s something TRUELY APOCALYPTIC! Hockey Canada has messed up, like really messed up! Hockey Canada kept a secret fund to pay off assault (sexual and otherwise) victims. Keeping quiet the conduct of players and coaches. Part of that money came from Minor hockey parents from across the country. People are Pissed! Omg, are they ever pissed, everyone, everywhere! This isn’t an individual incident; they have paid out at least three different times large amounts of hush-money. You would think, and most Canadians did, that after the Graham James abuse charges, that Hockey Canada would form a committee and change some stuff. You know, to protect the kid’s, right? No, not Hockey Canada, instead they created a secret fund! The only reason we know this is because the Government stopped funding Hockey Canada, until the 2018 assault was investigated.

Hockey Canada big wigs had to agree. They desperately need the funding. A committee was formed, and now those same big wigs had to answer some tough questions. It was during this investigation that we found out about the fund! At least, they admitted the truth. We have now learned there was a similar incident in 2003. The whole country is now in an uproar. Hockey parents don’t want to see part of their child’s registration going to this fund, and there are at least two provinces that don’t want to give Hockey Canada any money at all.

I know all of this because I buy the Saturday ‘Free Press’ for the crossword puzzle. This week’s paper was full of info and op-eds on the subject. That’s also how I know how upset the whole country is. The worst part of this is, that now that the idiots at the top have been found out, they think the rest of the country should trust them to fix it. Are you kidding?!! You’ve had at least 25 years to fix it! I say get rid of them all, and change the mindset of what is acceptable. Show coaches and up-and-coming hockey stars, there are consequences to their actions. I’m not alone here. Everyone wants the whole executive and board to resign. At no time is this behaviour acceptable, I don’t care who you are, or what your dreams may be. It’s time for the hockey players of the future to see that sometimes consequences are devastating, but so is abuse of any kind.

I am embarrassed by this incident because it verges on the Trumpian world of 2020-21. The election was stolen? We are not that country, but we look more and more like it every day.








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