If I Knew Then

   You know those questions people often ask? If you had to do it over, would you change anything? I have learned that wisdom does indeed come with age and
experience. Too bad we couldn’t get a little wisdom in our early 20s.

The world is changing, and in the last number of years it should be obvious to
everyone that adapting to climate change is required. If I knew then that I am a nature
lover and am happiest when I have my hands in the soil, I would have gone that
direction right out of high school. You know what they say about hindsight though.

   After our second son was born I took a course in landscaping just to get out of the
house once a week. Turns out I loved it. Thus a gardener was born. Not a veggie
gardener, but a flower gardener. Whenever Chippy would come home from work to a
madhouse, he would send me outside to stick my hands in the dirt. It didn’t take him
long to understand that this was my happy place.

Fast forward 30 years, and I am a broken down retiree, who has a huge yard with lots
of gardens to take care of. I have spent the last few years downsizing and did not
plant any flowers in my pots this year. I am considering raised vegetable gardens for
next year. I know you’ve seen the price of veggies and fruit.

If I knew then, I would have been an off-the-grid, self-sustaining farmer with goats and
chickens. In my dreams I even think small commune. That way everyone can play to
their strengths, and there would always be help with the heavy lifting.

The world is a very nasty place right now with gun violence, wars, starvation, and the
loss of plenty of animal species. Humanity is not doing a good job of caring for our
planet or each other. It is so demoralizing to watch the news. I can get down with off-grid living right about now.

The question I ask myself now is am I too old and broken to try something new?
Maybe, but let’s try a retirement road trip first and if it’s a success, next year
I may be selling veggies from my back yard.






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    If you sell fresh veggies on-line, we’ll buy ’em!!

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