The Great Gypsy Experiment

   It is indeed a Red Letter Day! I have been invited to contribute articles to Chippy’s
(AKA Mr. Hole’s) blog. I think it’s an effort to help with the growing boredom I am
experiencing as a low profile retiree. Usually there is gardening and outside work to
keep me busy during the spring and summer, but not this year. I have spent more time
in the basement checking for water than outside. Chippy knows I’m getting antsy, and
that I am a language arts fan, as opposed to a math or science geek. Thanks Chippy
for the new project. Now I just have to behave myself or I may be booted before I really
get going.

After forty years of being an adult, wife, mother and working, I am a control freak.
There, admitting you have a problem is the first step right? Five or six years ago,
Chippy and I were discussing retirement and what it would look like. We envisioned
winter months on the Playa, and summer months travelling to see grandkids (and kids)
and going on sight seeing adventures. I know it seems bizarre for a control freak to
agree to the gypsy lifestyle, but it was years away and sounded awesome. Fast
forward and life has thrown us a few curveballs, so new paths were being explored.
The road trip is born.

After a minimal amount of discussion, we decided to travel to the east coast. We had
already seen the west coast and mountains a few times so we decided Atlantic Canada
was a wonderful way to embrace the gypsy.

   The first leg of the trip is the longest, getting through northern Ontario. The control freak breathed a sigh of relief, no way to be a gypsy just yet. We know from experience it is never a good idea to” gypsy”
through northern Ontario. Hotels were booked.

Once in Ontario we could stay with relatives for a couple of days. Enter gypsy. There
will be family in-law to visit with, who will make plans for us. No biggie, I know them all
with the exception of the new groom.

Leg 2 begins with more hotel accommodations as we are meeting up with the big
brother in-law and his lovely wife to spend time in PEI and travel the Cabot Trail. Score
another one for control freak.

   Leg 3 is technically gypsy territory, but we needed some idea of whether we were going
to take door #1 Newfoundland or door #2 Nova Scotia. I began researching things to
do in Nova Scotia, we already knew what Newfoundland entailed. I later approached
Chippy. “I know we agreed to be gypsies for the third leg of the adventure, but we
should think about what we should do.” I said. After a minimum amount of debate we
decided on door #2. I think we were both a little nervous about the time and driving
involved, to say nothing of the ferry ride. I have been on ferries before and was fine,
but I do get seasick. Well hello control freak. I found a cute cottage close to a site we
intended to visit and showed Chippy. He liked it, and we thought we may be happy to
stop moving for a couple of days. Booked.

   Leg 4 was starting to make control freak edgy, that is until I looked at the dates. We
were coming up to a long weekend with possible issues finding accommodations. Woo-Hoo! Hotel booked for two days. You see what I’m doing here don’t you?







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