I Was Told…

   I was told… ‘That when reporters arrived in Poland, they asked where the camps were? There are no camps, they were told. So where are all the Ukrainian refugees? The 1.4 million refugees were being housed in the homes of the people of Poland. Some of this was organized but in large part, it was just your average Pole, that drove to the Ukrainian border and offered up a spare room to families that were standing around at the border, wondering what to do next. The people of Poland just took in strangers, fed them, housed them, and supported them, all of their own volition. There was no tent city in Poland for reporters to visit. Because no one was sleeping in a tent.’ Outstanding!

   I was told… ‘That the Kremlin, aka Vlady P., does no look favourably on the West supplying arms to Ukraine. This is in response to the United States announcing they would supply medium range rockets to Ukraine forces, on the ‘promise’ they wouldn’t attack Russian territory with them.’ Nudge, nudge, wink, wink. Like the Ukrainians can aim any better than the Russians? Oh wait… 4 Russian boats sunk… yes, they can.

I was told… ‘In a secret area of Ukraine, soldiers are training on the operation of advanced Russian tank technology after they captured 120 of them. These tanks were abandoned as the Russians retreated from a Ukraine advance near Kyiv.’ What was the point of bringing them if they were just planning to throw them away? It appears that it is not only the West that is supplying arms to Ukraine.

   I was told… ‘That at the same secret location, the Ukraine army is already training on the medium-range rockets supplied to them by Britain, that they ‘promised’ not to shoot into Russia.’ Wink, wink.

I was told… ‘There have been 38,000 residential buildings, 1900 educational structures, 300 car bridges, 50 rail bridges, 500 factories and 296 hospitals, damaged or completely destroyed in a 100 days of war in Ukraine. A vast majority of the completely destroyed buildings and infrastructure is in the area that Russia now controls. Cities like Mariupol, are now apocalyptic wastelands, and 7.1 million people have been displaced from the area. The have packed up and left’ Do you think that this was what Vlady P. was envisioning he was going to have after he took over Ukraine? One massive Russian make-work program? Who is he planning to populate the area with? All the abled-bodied people have left or picked up a gun and started shooting back!! Is he planning to offer incentives, like don’t go to jail, for Russians to re-locate to the area once known as Ukraine?? Give your head a shake Bubba!! You managed to take what you coveted and turned it into a movie set for disaster film!!

I was told… ‘Failure is not the opposite of success, but part of success’ Maybe it’s time for Vlady P. to accept the failure, go home and claim success. We’d all be better off.



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