Don’t tell the boss. Give him what he wants to hear. He doesn’t take bad news very well. He is prone to outbursts of rage. Does this sound vaguely familiar to anyone?

The latest public perspective on the war on Ukraine is being supplied by the Intelligence sector of most countries. The ‘spy-guys’ are suggesting publicly… that there is a chance… that the people surrounding Vladimir Putin… aren’t exactly giving the big-guy all the information about the current operation in Ukraine… because they’re A-Scared of what might happen??? And you wonder why people get so obsessed with conspiracy theories! What is the CIA suggesting? Putin doesn’t actually know what’s going on? That he is only being fed happy thoughts about the invasion, and he believes what he is being told? Is there an ‘S’ imprinted on my forehead?? For Stupid!!

   Am I not staring at just another conspiracy theory? One that may be supported by a government department, but still a conspiracy theory. How do they know what Putin is being told, or what he is thinking? These spy-guys weren’t there, they’re just feeding me a hypothesis, based on what they are seeing on the ground, and some fifth-hand information from a guy-that-knows-a-guy-that… Your theory is just as whacked as every other conspiracy theory out there!

Why not just say that Putin has some kind of chemical imbalance in his brain and can only decipher the good news, and bad news is lost in a brain-cloud, and only sunshine breaks threw. They could even have come up with a medical term for the condition, something like… Mylittasmurphonyea. You’re the government! It would have worked!! A lot of people will buy into your theories! Let’s be honest, how hard can it be to sway the people that elected Donald Trump president!! They buy into everything!!! The spy-guys could have done way better than suggesting that Putin was in the dark.

   I’m sorry but a guy doesn’t stay in power for 20 years without knowing what is going on. I’m sure that Putin doesn’t trust anyone! He’s got more ways to garner information than just one general. Thinking otherwise would be a mistake.

I’m pretty certain that there isn’t much job security in the Kremlin to begin with, but not telling Putin something, that he will inevitably learn about, isn’t going to change that situation. You think he hasn’t noticed that this war should have been over four weeks ago! You don’t think that the military assured their president that it would be quick from the outset? You would have me believe that Putin can’t figure out that it is not going nearly that well?? Gimme a break.

   Making public the thought that Putin doesn’t know how badly the Russian army has preformed is a pretty weak statement to make. Just blame the generals and advisors! It is the type of thing that Trump might latch onto in order to wiggle out of a bad situation, but I doubt Putin will bite. He knows exactly what is happening, and no happy-spin by his advisors will make him believe everything they tell him. He is not that type of person, and the spy-guys suggesting that he continues the attack on Ukraine due to ignorance, is just a little too much for me to swallow. It comes across like the spy-guys are offering up a way for Putin to escape responsibility for continuing to wage a war on Ukraine. Telling me that he isn’t being told what’s happening is far too much of a Trumpian theory for me to bother with.

   For me, it doesn’t matter if there is any truth to the spy-guy theory or not, because there are no good reasons, no justifiable causes, no excuses, for Vladimir Putin. For the war he has led, and the havoc he has created, and the Ukrainian lives he has ordered taken. The smoking gun is in his hand.








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