Prior to the invasion of Ukraine, the Russian army was considered a premiere fighting force. No one gave the Ukrainians much of a chance against the Russian army. The Russians had better equipment, were better trained and had an arrogant attitude from the Kremlin down to the grunt on the ground. There was no way in hell, that the Ukraine army could hold its own against such a fierce opponent. It was the common consensus around the world, that the whole thing would be over in a blink of an eye.

Then we all watched as the Russians went on the attack and to just about everyone’s surprise, the wheels fell off the cart. The Russian’s were terrible on the battlefield. Their shiny new advanced weaponry was crap. And the soldiers using it couldn’t shoot straight. It was a clown army! An evil clown army, but still an army of clowns. Putin did Russia no favours by showing this clown army to the world.

At first, we thought it was some kind of hoax. Some shrewd type of warfare. How inept the Russians appeared must be all part of the master plan. Give the Ukrainians a false sense of security, before they let loose with their mighty war machine. You know, the stuff they parade around the streets of Moscow every May. The kind of display they liked to show the world. Publicly displaying, the kind of war-winning weapons that gave Donald Trump an erection. “That’s the kind of parade we need,” he has been reported to have said. What a putz! I think we have given the Russians far too much credit, when it comes to their military ability.

Their equipment got bogged down in mud because they attacked during the rainy season. They were stuck using double lane roads. The constant breakdown of their equipment was a joke. All it took, was one well placed Ukrainian rocket to blow up a tank, and the Russian advance came to a dead halt. The Ukrainians had no problem getting those shots in. It caused delays and jams that were more debilitating than a Trucker convoy. To add to this disaster, someone forgot to order lunch for the advancing troops. What did the leadership think? That the Burger King would still be open and they would just grab drive-thru??!! They had no supply chain logistics in place!

   The Russian military leadership has turned out to be incompetent. They couldn’t plan their way out of a paper bag. Using scissors!! It’s as if they thought that the Ukrainians would be like the Afghans, and just lay down their weapons when they showed up. That not happening seemed to stun the Russian military. That wasn’t the way the script was written. We were going to take control just like the Taliban did. No one was going to fight back! Now what a we supposed to do?? No one seemed to know. What a bunch of putzes!!

All it seems to have taken to derail the Russian war machine, has been a nation willing to fight back and enough ammunition to do it with. Without the help of the Western nations, this war would have ended a month ago. Not because the Ukrainians weren’t up to the task or because they lacked passion, but because they would have simply run out of bullets. NATO may not have been willing to come in direct conflict with Russia, but they certainly have had no problem giving Ukraine the means to stand up for themselves. The Ukrainians have shown themselves quite capable at fighting a state-of-the-art army with the exact weapons that army had cast off for their new bling. Soviet-era weapons are quite effective against putzes!!

   On every front the army and civilians of Ukraine have shown themselves to be capable. They’ve even sunk two Russian warships! Using a couple of cannons!! Not with guided missiles? No, they simply eye-balled it!! Two-nil in favour of Ukraine!! I wouldn’t have wanted to be the Russian general that had to report that to Putin.

Russia and its leadership have turned out to be what they have always been described as, a school-yard bully. One that if you stand up to them, can be defeated. Will Ukraine win? Militarily, probably not. Russia has plenty of clowns to throw into the fray, and Ukraine has manpower limitations. But Russia has already lost. Their war-machine no longer glitters and even though they are still very dangerous, they no longer strike fear into those when they speak. They should have stuck to parades and not exceeded their borders. They should have stayed home and kept on talking a good game. Because they sure as hell can’t play one. Bunch of putzes!!






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