One Of The Pack

 For a month, I have listened to the political and military pundits speak about how Vladimir Putin had under-estimated Volodymyr Zelensky and the Ukraine people. These are the same experts, that as Russia conducted its military exercises along the Ukraine border in January, predicted the quick demise of Ukraine should the Russians cross the border. It’s no wonder many in the West have certain media trust issues, they keep giving air-time to these so-called experts! Their opinions are just like a weather forecast, they’re never a sure thing and honestly, they’re not very well thought out.

 To me, the first indication that the Ukraine was never going to just roll over for the Russians happened about four years ago, when Zelensky politely declined to roll over for Trump and start an investigation into Hunter Biden’s business dealings in Ukraine. Where do you think Trump got the impression that Zelensky would be a push-over? It’s not like Trump ever had any original idea and he had ever listened to his own advisors, so the idea must have come from someone else. Trump probably didn’t even know who Zelensky was before he got elected! My opinion is that the idea was put there by his buddy in Moscow. The problem appears that Trump’s Moscow buddy refused to learn from what happened. Boy, there was a whole lot of ‘stupid’ in that room the day those two met.

 That whole event, which ended in Trump’s first impeachment, should have told Putin something. Did he just miss it? Was Putin just laughing too hard at Trump’s antics to notice the implications of what Zelensky did? Maybe he was convinced that Zelensky was like that foul Trump, a celebrity wanna-be-leader, who didn’t understand the world at large. He could be bought, coerced, and intimidated as needed. He was only elected because the people watched him on television. Putin probably thought Zelensky another self-centered egotistical idiot, who thought more of himself, than those he was meant to represent. Isn’t that the pot??

 Before he sent the first Russian boot across the Ukrainian border did Putin not consider how things had changed? Did he not realize that the players were different than in 2014 when he invaded Crimea? Did Putin not take into consideration that 74% of the people in Ukraine voted for Zelensky to be their president? Did he not consider why? Did he not think about the deeper meaning of that? Three quarters of the Ukraine people supported Zelensky because they believe he represents their own personal beliefs. He was one of them! He was Ukrainian!! He was a fighter!!!

Volodymyr Zelensky has turned out to be the leader we all wish we had elected. He is the leader, that when offered an escape to safety out of his country to the West, is reported to have responded, “tell them I need ammunition… not a ride”. He has stood tall with the people that elected him, because he is one of them. He has refused to roll-over, no matter how big a stick Putin waved at him! He has not cowered in a corner, he has not chased after any bone offered, he has not run away! He has stood his ground and growled!! And behind him are his pack of Ukrainian wolfhounds!! Growling and nipping at the boots at those that try to invade their territory. Volodymyr Zelensky has represented Ukraine above his own personal interests, because he is Ukrainian first and always. He is one of the pack.

So, I guess I have to agree with the talking-heads this time, Putin did under-estimate Volodymyr Zelensky… he compared him to Donald Trump.




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