Get Your Own Protest

Well… Isn’t that something… Three of the biggest bozos in the United States, are supporting unrest in a foreign country. The chubby Cheeto himself, and two would-be Trumpers, Cruz and De Santis, are sending love out to the protesting truckers in Canada. I assume they know Canada and the United States are different countries.

Trump must, because he recognized Justin Trudeau as the Prime Minister of Canada, as he called him names. They don’t come much more classless than the loser ‘great pumpkin’ himself. All three of these US politicians have been culpable in the deaths of more than 900,000 of their citizens by their conduct over the pandemic. I doubt that they even know anything about what is actually taking place in Canada. Their opinion and support counts for a whole lot less than the trucker parked on Wellington St. Shut your pie-holes and deal with your own problems!!! Don’t go trying to worm your way in on a Canadian protest!!

I am doing my best to look at the whole situation in Ottawa with an open mind. It’s difficult because I don’t agree with what they’re protesting against. It is contrary to my own thoughts, and my personal well-being. As a Canadian, I also have just as much of a right to be protected by my government from a Global-Killer-Virus. If restrictions and mandates are a path out of this pandemic, I’m onboard. I’ll do my part because if I do, this thing will be over sooner, rather than later. I trust the science. I’m on the side of the geeks!

When it comes to protests, I can’t help but be impressed by the way Canadians protest. In thirteen days not one person has been killed as a result of this civil disobedience. The Americans can’t make it through one night before police radios are squawking, “shots fired…” and someone is dead. Comments from the US about any Canadian protest, isn’t something I’d want to acknowledge as being positive. I think the ‘3 stooges’ down south are just trying to benefit from what someone else is doing. Grab it as their own. There is no mistaking it as a right-wing protest. But don’t believe for one second that they give a rat’s ass about the Canadian protest. It’s them trying to get into the news cycle, of the networks that they show disdain for. It’s all about them! It’s the American way!

Aside from the obvious American influence on the actual protesters in Ottawa, the truck-protest is nothing new for Canadians. Indigenous-Canadians have been protesting peacefully for years. They’ve shut down railways and construction projects for months, and have brought the government of the day, to the table to be heard, and reach a peaceful resolution. They wrote the book when it comes to Canadian protest! The Ottawa protesters are working from that playbook! The occupation in the downtown streets of Ottawa, may be loud and obnoxious, but in 13 days it has been generally non-violent, which is nothing new to us. That is the Canadian way.

I believe, we are very close to changing Covid from pandemic to endemic. From killer-virus to seasonal flu. Grandma gets her shot and no one dies. We are almost there. It has only been two-years! The geeks rocked this one!!! Science has guided the Canadian people, and although less then one percent of Canadians are unhappy about how we’ve done it, 99% of us are!

There is every chance, protest or no protest, that if we just chill-out until summer, every pandemic related restriction will be gone. If you’re a supporter of this protest, do yourself a favour and don’t get enamored with the celebrity of the moment, and lose touch with reality. We’re not Americans. We don’t vote for those blowhards. The opinions of US politicians don’t represent Canadians, even those protesting. They’re attitude is part of the reason nearly 3% of the US population has perished from Covid-19. Our protesters may like the politics of these American idiots, but let’s not lose sight of who we are and how we managed to not kill each other so far. Just hang in a few more months. Don’t be impatient… don’t be American.



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