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Well, I’m two weeks into retirement and as expected, there is still COVID. Didn’t it get the memo!! I’m retired… I don’t want to wear a mask anymore! I guess I should be happy I’m still recovering from an injury, I’m not able to do anything anyway! This current situation is thanks to the Delta Variant, that hasn’t yet arrived in my health region. Our government has said to reward the fully vaccinated, they may now go to large super-spreader events, like football games and concerts. Am I the only one that thinks its like being asked to get into a test tube!

You would think that the upper-brass that run this province would have put two and two together and figured out we are a month behind the rest of Canada. The majority of the country is in the pandemic’s fourth wave, otherwise known as the wave of the unvaccinated. Which also includes the 18% of people the vaccines didn’t work on. Delta appears to be very good at finding these people. Wave four is looking pretty ugly throughout North America right now and we’re a month behind them! Even if our provincial government is being run by idiots, I don’t have to be one to! I think I’ll just stay at home with a bag of Doritos and watch the game on television.

I’m fully vaccinated but I have received the mix and match inoculation. Astra-Zeneca as an appetizer and Moderna as the entrée. This could lead to problems in the future. Some countries don’t currently recognize my status as fully vaccinated; they call me a half-vaxer. I think Cher wrote a song about it, “… Gypsies, Tramps and half-vaxers. The people of the town they called us…” I have a Q-Code on my phone, that I don’t know how to get to, and a pretty plastic card from the provincial government that will allow me into the local super-spreader events. Beyond that it does little else. So basically, it is useless beyond my province’s borders.

My future plans require the Federal Government to have a standardised vaccination document. One recognised by other countries. A card that will be seen as legal tender by other nations. The Dominican Republic currently recognises my half-vaxer status as the full deal. I am welcome there. The airline that is taking me there also recognises my status as fully-vaccinated. For now, everything looks positive for travel in February… after all it’s only August… They have six months to get it together… What could possibly happen to change this?

A federal election! That’s what!! Five weeks of delay! Six months is now five! The government is not noted for being quick about anything!! Travel season is coming!!! There is a good chance this may come down to the wire. Very little gets done during an election, this is because technically, there is no government. Government programs and plans, just sit on empty desks for five weeks. You can add another three weeks for the ‘new guy’ assigned to the desk, to figure out what is what. By the time the dust settles on an international vaccine passport for Canadians it will be November! It will probably be another Q-code that I will lose on my phone!!

Since the world is still in the midst of a pandemic, our federal election will be held virtually. I could only wish, but that statement is not the truth. It will be an old-fashioned, fill out the ballot and put it in the box, style of election. What we will see is less door-to-door campaigning and a little more virtual reach out to the voting public. That is nice because I can just put it directly into the spam folder.

We have four leaders vying to become Prime Minister of Canada. Guy with a full head of hair, Guy that is balding with a thin comb-over, Woman that is completely bald and wears it well and Guy in a hat. There is a fifth person aka Scruffy Guy, but he only represents one province so he can’t win enough ridings to be Prime Minister. My order of preference is Guy with hair, followed by Guy in hat, then Bald woman and lastly Comb-over guy. Of course, my preference really doesn’t matter because we don’t pick an individual leader here in Canada. We pick the party, and based on more than a hundred years of voting where I live, the Comb-over party wins every time! They only think one way here and it is not planet friendly. Comb-over is supported by big-oil and the prairie farmers, that continue to vote the way their fathers did. Certain things will never change in my part of the country. They could paint a cow blue and it would get elected!

Regardless of a lack of decent vaccination documentation, and a federal election that will cause delays in its finalization, I have reserved my flight to the Dominican Republic for February. This may seem a bit early, but booking this early gives me the option of free changes and free cancellations. This might come in handy considering there are still no actual planes flying from Canada to the DR. Ginger and the Earl, as well as Rock and Stream, have also done the same. Prices are decent and the change and cancellation policy offered by the airlines, give all of us a certain amount of protection, in case come February there are still no planes.

We’re all betting that this lack of planes will change by February and that the DR will remain friendly towards all the different vaccines we have taken. Honey and I will face the most difficult challenge because of our half-vaxer status but I am hopeful that I can still get us in the door. I have a bit of a history being able to talk my way into the DR. I did it with a marriage license as ID the first time I went there. I hope that this knack for getting through their customs remains the same with whatever vaccination ID I have.

So, this has been my first two weeks of retirement. Making plans for the future and getting my ducks in a row for travel in February. Oh, I almost forgot, I chased a fly around the house for two days with a fly-swatter. The wobbly pills I am still taking made it impossible for me to kill it, it just kept getting away. Honey, with her rehabbing wrists, took it down in one shot… I sure showed it.



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