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We are back under ‘Code double-red, don’t leave your house unless ABSOLUTLY necessary’, health restrictions. I would say I was locked-down but that to me requires guards, or at the very least a door. But the restrictions we have all dealt with have for the most part, pretty much been an on-paper thing. What we have been told to do and what we are doing, are two different things.

My province finds itself in this restrictive capacity because we have the worse infection rate per capita in all of North America. Yes, I know! We are doing worse than the Americans!! That drives me nuts! Ever since Biden showed up, they are acting like they know what they’re doing.  He’s got them better organized and getting the U.S. pandemic response to preform in one direction for the betterment of most. They’re lifting restrictions at the same time that mine are being tightened. I feel like the kid that has to stay inside at recess and can only look out the window at the other kids. While I serve detention and write 100 times on the blackboard, “I will not put COVID on my toast anymore.”

Most of the provinces in my country are relaxing restrictions as well, but mine has moved the belt another notch. Our hospitals are beyond capacity to handle the severely-infected, and we have started shipping patients to other provinces, so they can get proper care. With the Americans starting to get their act together, my provincial leadership is starting to stand out for its ineptitude. But its not just the leadership, but all the stupid people that live here. Remember when they opened up vaccine appointments?! (1-800-Register me)

Fifty-five percent of my province’s population, 12 and older, have received a first dose of the vaccine. You would think this would help to reduce the transmission when combined with masks and other pre-cautions. You would think that if we had followed these guidelines until a second dose was administered, we would be out in the playground with the rest of the kids! But the vast majority of people couldn’t wait. After their first dose they whipped off their masks and started licking each other! As Forest might say, “Stupid is, as Stupid does.” It only took one of these morons to infect the rest of the morons. They in turn brought it to work or school or the grocery store, and the next thing you know, we are all standing in a heap of fertilizer!

Being in charge and making decisions that impact the entire population, is never easy. Making decisions for stupid people is all but impossible. In fact, the way our provincial government has handled the pandemic response, makes me wonder if the stupid people have managed to elect one of their own to power. The people running the show around here are proving to be unable to apply any forward thinking to this situation.

I know many of the people involved in the province’s response are smart people, they have letters after their names! The people pulling the strings though do not, and they’re the ones deciding how and when to implement restrictions. They are the politicians and they are acting like stupid people!! They’ve been a step behind from the beginning.

When we navigated the first wave of the infection with minimal stress to our medical infrastructure, the politicians decided that this pandemic would be a cake walk, and did nothing to ready themselves for the next wave. When the second wave hit in the fall, it was a disaster. Even though they knew that the province was in short supply of medical staff, they made no effort to correct this short-coming during the lull in the action between waves. They had done nothing to prepare. The mortality rates in long-term care homes skyrocketed, it was ugly to watch. How could these people not see this coming?

I have learned quite a bit about the flu over the past 16 months. Not just COVID but regular seasonal flu. The one thing I have learned is that there is a season where flu is far more active and that these flu-seasons happen at different times depending on where in the world you live. With all the information available with the tracking of this coronavirus, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see the trends. Flu season in Britain is in February, in Brazil that same flu-season takes place in May, my provinces flu-season starts 4-6 weeks after it hits the eastern provinces. The numbers and graphs are there for everybody to see. All they had to do was look and they should have known! COVID-19 is a flu virus, its deadly properties don’t change that. It was going to follow the regular flu infection pattern. I knew that and I stock shelves in stores!!

The third-wave has hit us hard, infection rates are the worst we have ever seen. The powers-that-be have been playing catch-up since it arrived. Restrictive measures were put into place a month late and we still don’t have the medical staff required to tend to the ill. To add to our current problems is the fact that more than half the province has had their first doses of a vaccine, including half the stupid people! They’re walking around like they are protected from kryptonite!! They’ve been sneaking out the side-doors and playing with the other kids on the playground! Why are the politicians acting like they never saw this coming?? Why are they shifting the blame to the stupid people?? They’re stupid!! What did you think they would do for Easter??!! They served COVID-glazed ham!!!

The actions taken by the provincial government to sound the alarm have lagged from the outset. They seem to be a step behind what is happening. They have been influenced by the pressure of the stupid people who have spent all their time fighting restrictions, complaining about health protocols, store closures and the lack of personal freedom they have endured for more than a year. “I don’t feel sick, so I’m ok”, is the song they sing and “its just allergies,” is the excuse they give, and the politicians listen and try to pander to one specific group or another. They ignored that our flu-season is a full month later than the rest of the country and took no action to ready the province. They didn’t increase medical staffs, and only reacted with restrictions after the case counts were already record setting.

One other thing I have learned during the last 16-months, is preventive measures need to be put in place before things start going wrong, that way they actually prevent. To say the Manitoba Provincial government fumbled the ball would be giving them far too much credit. Truth is, they never had the ball in the first place.




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