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Sometimes, you need to take a step back so that you can see the broader picture. Gain a new perspective and not be so narrow in your thinking. Pause, take a deep breath and see things for what they are.

A case in point would be the notice Honey found taped to our back door on Friday. It said that there was a boil-water advisory for the following Monday. This was due to regular line maintenance and we get these notices twice a year. It meant that Honey and I would need to prepare our intended water consumption for Monday on Sunday.

It is a royal pain in the ass. It’s one thing to ready the coffee maker with water the night before, but filling jugs and pots with water to sit around on the off-chance you might need the water the next day causes enormous clutter all around the kitchen. There are containers everywhere! You have to constantly move one just to find counterspace. Why do we do this? Because boiling water is a bigger pain in the ass!

It’s not just drinking and cooking water that must be dealt with on Sunday. We also need to take care of any water-based cleaning, like laundry and dishes, on that day. I know that the boil-water advisory only applies to consumable water, but I also know that on Monday the crap that will come out of the taps will be the colour of mud. It’s worse if you are one of the first to open your faucets. You get the chunky crap! They don’t put that in the advisory!

I know flushing the water-lines is a necessary evil in order to keep the infrastructure functioning properly. But this does nothing to change the aggravation it causes me. When you flush the toilet, it looks worse than it did with your body-waste in it. Filling a pot with tap-water on Monday to make pasta, will quickly make you decide toast is a better idea. Even if you wait until late in the day to open a tap, thus allowing others to be the first to get the worse of the crud, you are faced with the initial air blast from your pipes.

The air was forced into the main line as part of the cleaning process and it is sitting in the first few feet of every water outlet in your house. In every house! When you open the tap, first it farts, then it throws-up the brown crud that has been waiting in your pipes. If yours is one of the first taps opened, the brown stream will continue for quite some time. Normally, if you wait until later in the day, it is a minute or two at best and the water will turn clear and the job is done for another six-months.

At the end of the day on Monday you have to remember to open every tap and flush every toilet in the house. This is to avoid giving yourself a heart-attack two months down the road, when you finally use the guest bathroom and the toilet farts at you when you flush, accompanied with a big splash tossing anything you may have just deposited in the bowl right back at you. The air will stay in every one of your tap-lines until you release it, so get it over with and be thorough.

The whole line-flushing thing is a massive pain and throws a wrench into my normal daily activities. Mondays are laundry day! Not Sunday!! There are so many things to remember that Honey had to make a list! On Sundays, maybe you get at some yard work or watch some sports on television. It’s not laundry day! It’s not fill up the pots with water day!! Sundays are a day to chill!! All this inconvenience over water!!!

In Tanguieta, a village in the northern region of the West African country of Benin, a young girl leaves her home with her brother, and makes her way to the village well. She fills her container and carries the 10-15 litres of water back to her home. She will repeat this process 3 more times throughout the day, two morning trips and two in the evening. She has done this every day, for as long as she can remember…







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    We have been boiling water longer than we can remember too (although–granted–we don’t have to make 3 trips to the well every day). This is every day for the last 7 to 10 years. But you’re right, it is a pain in the ass. It is also a pain in the ass when they fix a broken water line in the neighborhood or clear the lines in the spring. That’s when we have to endure the same tap farts and filthy spurts of water that you do.

    This inconvenience keeps our infrastructure up and running? Well now, I’m not too sure about that one. True, it is still up and running. But I’m not too sure how long this is gonna last.

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