Solo Focus

A solo focus. This I believe has become the downfall for a vast majority of people. They see it one way and one way only, there is no variation to their focus. No matter what anyone says, they see it their way only. Do you know someone like that? They are the ones that you can never have a meaningful discussion with. If you don’t agree with them, you are not worthy of their association.

People of solo-focus have always been around. We call them stubborn or single-minded, and generally steer clear of interacting with them. That is unless we are willing to swim in their end of the pool, and subject ourselves to dealing with only their vision of reality. There is only two ways of dealing with these people, stay silent and politely nod or argue with them. There is no compromise with those of solo-focus. They all own shirts emblazoned with the slogan “My way or the highway”.

Protest is not new. It has been the way of societies around the world since there were societies. Protests have evolved to some extent to peaceful marches (Thank you, Ghandi), but in the beginning, protest meant war. Yes, the blood-shed kind. Sometimes overt and some times subversive. Revolutions throughout recorded history were protests, as well as every coup that has ever happened. These events were reflective of one group protesting against another. Armed with weapons.

Today’s style of protest is far more sedate, although wars and coups are still happening. But now protesters are armed with placards and the protests peaceful enough that monitoring the situation by local authorities, is usually enough. But by its inherent roots, protest is war and when you congregate a large number people together in a relatively small area even peacefully, shit happens. Thus, the presence of local-authorities.

How does a protest begin? Some one has to organize it! You guessed it, with the solo-focused. The dog-on-a-bone guy. The person so impassioned by their own view, that they seek out the like-minded. The like-minded are actually in the majority and if a protest turns ugly, they go home. Sure, they support the concept of the protest, but there are other things in life, and really, they were just out to get some air and their commitment has limits. The solo-focused on the other hand, will throw down if needed, or at the very least take a beating for the cause. The solo-focused only see it one way… theirs.

Change is a direct result of protest. Without people saying, “There must be a better way” en masse, we are still living in caves. The solo-focused serve a purpose, they get the rest of us to think and discuss the message. If we don’t agree, we stay home and if we agree, we go for a walk. When the day is done, most will go home and think of other things. The solo-focused goes home and thinks about the next protest. Because change never happens fast.

There have been all sorts of protests during the pandemic. Social, political, even environmental. They have been in many different forms, from in person marches, to online conferences. Some with protection and some without. Remember when we would only be referring to sex when we said that. The voice of protest has been loud this last year and with the lack of other distractions, more people have been exposed to a greater number of them. Time and media have made it easier for the solo-focused to reach the like-minded, and the messages of the solo-focused is getting out there.

Some of these messages are whacky, and some are right on the money. I won’t tell you which is which, that is for you to decide. There is lots wrong with our planet. I don’t believe violence is necessary with any protest, but the voice of protest needs to be loud. I think that if a protest is worthy, then a conversation will ensue because of it, and this will evolve into change. It will be slow but thanks to the solo-focused, some conversations that are truly needed, will continue amongst the like-minded. It is there that change will happen, where compromise will be found between two sides. My hope is that the change is for the betterment of all, but I doubt the solo-focused will ever see it that way.







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