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I was doing so well with a regular article but the week before Easter I started a 23-day stretch with no days off. It is hard to write when your brain is saturated with things to get done. I did stare at a blank page last week for an hour, trying to organize my thoughts. I think I dosed off ten minutes in.

Today I will try to give you, my loyal reader, a brief update as to where life stands for me as of this moment. It won’t be flowery and full of my renowned wit. But as Honey likes to point out, it will be full of spelling mistakes and bad sentence structure. We have argued over my use of the word ‘than’ versus ‘then’ for almost a decade.

I’m taking part of the day off today. No, I’m still not getting a vaccine. Although, I have moved under 50,000 in the provincial vaccination queue. I am only 4 weeks away from turning 60, so my number is certainly closer.

It seems everyone I know has been given a vaccine. My friends in the area all seem to have under-lying conditions, and although younger than I am, have qualified early for vaccination. Both Uncle Jeremiah and Auntie Johnson have been stabbed. Age, and the unwillingness of the government to go to the ‘end of the road’ more than once, worked in their favour. Honey’s mom has even received both doses of the Moderna vaccine, so she is golden.

Ginger and The Earl, were probably the first to get the jab of any of my friends, even before the older and underlying-condition ones. Living in Britain, definitely has had its advantage. The country pretty much green-lighted every vaccine that had even the slightest chance of fighting infection way in front of other countries. Boris’ “send the vaccines here, we’ll use them” approach has managed to get half their population inoculated. They’ve outpaced every other country, even as they invented a new variant.

Rock and Stream each got a first dose last week. Stream has French-Fur Trader in her bloodline and that qualifies her with Indigenous status. Rock… well, he was there with her and the people giving out shots said, “Hey, lets give a shot to that rock over there”, and well… what could Rock do but just stand solidly and take the shot. I’d have done the same, maybe with a slight flinch. I’m not much for needles.

No, today I am home because of a sore back and broken equipment. This is better than a broken back and sore equipment, although sore equipment can cause some major discomfort. But I digress. The back has been a problem for about a week now. It’s middle back, and picking up anything is an issue. As mentioned, I have been working non-stop for the past two-weeks and have not had time to give it a rest. Half a day, is about all I can take off because in my line off work things back up quickly if you don’t stick to a schedule.

Equipment failure sucks. The disruption to my work life is sometimes insurmountable because we use equipment that you can’t just replace at your local Radio Shack. We have a secure computer system that uses specialized equipment, the type of equipment that requires requisition forms. Sometimes it is pieces that must be shipped from parts unknown and can take days to arrive. Spare parts and replacement equipment are not always in the office cupboard. As of right now my computer, that is usually mobile, is attached to the wall. If I move it, all power shuts off and the entire thing goes black. It is basically a brick.

A call to our IT help desk, has confirmed this assessment and I require a new mobile unit. 24-hours I am told, and it will be within 100km of my location. Not exactly in my hand, but two-hours of driving and I will have it. My back is not objecting to this sabbatical from work but my mind is telling me that I am going to deal with a train wreck for the rest of the week. The train of commerce does not stop, even for technical difficulties.

The real kicker to all of this pain and discomfort being caused by my job is… I don’t work there anymore! I handed in my letter of intent to retire two-weeks ago!! I gave them my 4-months notice!!! I’m soon to be an EX-employee. I’m going to be the guy others will ‘remember-when’ about. It is no longer an abstract thought, it has been put in writing and with one more signature on the forms in the mail, it’ll be a done deal. I am ready to put this job in the rear-view mirror! The time has come for other adventures, that will hopefully include me and a blood-letting relationship with the sand-flies.

The calendar is moving again and stands at 3 months and 16 days and there is no plan to stop it now. I have earned an income by working since I was 12-years-old, and even when I left one job, I was going to another. Out and out quitting is most definitely foreign to me, but I doubt that will be what happens. I will take some time off before embarking on any new endeavour, but I do plan for there to be adventure of some sorts and hopefully with monetary gain. Not having a specific plan may seem fool-hardy, and I suppose it is. But I’m tired of being a grown-up and making the right choice, the time is here to throw caution to the wind, and live life a little bit on the edge, and to make what I can of the time that lays before me.





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    Congratulations! You are about to enter the most adventuresome period of your life. You will be overworked, underpaid, unappreciated, always on the lookout for the next opportunity to venture out into the unknown and constantly wondering why the Hell you didn’t enlist in this wonderful army of used-up geezers sooner. It’ll be great!

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