I support the actions taken at my border, both federally and provincially, in an effort to mitigate the spread of a deadly virus. Even though I miss the sand and the warm sun like many others, I can only shake my head at the impatience of some, and their misguided belief that “it won’t happen to me” and “I never get sick”. The ones that will make every effort to ignore the warnings and circumvent the restrictions, just because the feel a right to do as they please. No one likes to be told what to do, it is why teenagers rebel against their parents, and why small children still manage to burn their hands on the stove they were told not to touch. To me it only reflects their inability to see beyond themselves, and only demonstrates their immaturity regardless of their age.

This week ‘Snowbirds’, Canadians that winter in southern locales to avoid our harsh winter, complained about the new quarantine restrictions being implemented by the Canadian government. It will be a requirement of anyone entering Canada to be tested and quarantined for 3 days in a hotel until the test comes back negative, at their own expense. They do not choose the hotel; it is chosen for them by the health authority and the estimated cost to each person is $2000CDN. It’s not the test and hotel stay that bothers the ‘snowbirds’, to them it’s just a 3-day extension to their 5-month holiday. But having to pay the bill is another matter.

My response to their objections is this; Why should my tax dollars pay for your lack of judgement? If you are willing to disregard the recommendations of people far smarter than you obviously are, I have no sympathy for you. Pony up or stay where you are.

I saw it in the spring last year, when the last of the ‘snowbirds’ reluctantly returned after Canada’s border closed to the United States. At that point a Public Health order had been issued that required them to self-isolate for 14 days. Did they? I hate to bulk a group this large into one pile but the answer is…Hell No!!! I repeatedly heard the local ‘snowbirds’ in stores saying, “I’m supposed to be quarantining, but I feel fine and I needed to get…” They were everywhere!

‘Snowbirds’ are generally comprised of an older population, 40 to 70. Retired or semi-retired, they spend most winters away from snow. They’re the people whose parents, if they are still alive, are in care homes. Last year they were told to self-isolate at home for 14-days upon returning from their winter respite. They were doing well if they managed a week at home! Most couldn’t make it from the airport to home without stopping first!! What makes me believe that this 2021 crop of self-indulgent seniors, will behave any differently?? Absolutely nothing! They left the country in the first place!!

Last spring, the returning ‘snowbirds’ were attributed with the massive uptick of infection across the country. They brought the virus home with them from the United States. I wasn’t impressed but I can forgive them for that, no one really knew what the virus was doing. They may have spread it through stupidity, but there was no malice of forethought. But that was a year ago, and the idea they have repeated the process again this year, means I have no empathy for their plight whatsoever. They are the type of people that will ignore the needs of others to meet their own personal needs. I don’t want them back unless I know they are infection free.

The disregard the 2021 ‘snowbirds’ have shown by leaving the country against the advice of the government, tells me that they will also ignore the 14-day stay-at-home quarantine. They did it once, they’ll do it again! Restricting their movements upon re-entry to the country may be the difference between the life and death of Canadians that are just trying to remain safe. These are not big picture people! You need to keep an eye of them!! They shouldn’t just roam free!!!

I also have no problem with the government sending these ‘snowbirds’ a bill for the cost to taxpayers. Expenses incurred, just in order to keep me safe because of their self-indulgence. They knew this could happen before they left in October. The government warned them that there could be new restrictions imposed upon entry back into Canada. They were told then, that they may be on the hook financially should restrictions demand. They chose to think it wouldn’t happen. They rolled the dice!! They lost, so pay up!! The 2021 ‘snowbirds’ thought of no one but themselves, so don’t whine at me. I do not care! Some may even have got their first shot of the vaccine while in the US. I Do Not Care! They should pay for the hotel with room service, as well as the cost of testing and all the additional medical costs associated with their recklessness. They made the decision to travel not me. So, don’t cry to me about the financial hardship a $2000 bill will cause you. I DO NOT CARE!!!

If this is such a big deal to them as they sit in their condos in Arizona and Florida, they should pack their bags and come home now. The regulations have not been implemented yet. The government is leaving the window open temporarily. They are telling the ‘snowbirds’ loud and clear what is coming. You’re being warned in advance!! Stop sitting around crying foul and think it matters to the rest of us Canadians that chose to listen to the advice of the government. We don’t care! The opportunity is currently for you ‘snowbirds’ to avoid the coming restrictions and the costs associated with them, maybe you should pay attention this time. Stop moaning about it and get your ass back here, or better yet… don’t.

My position on this matter is simple… It only takes one of them to have contracted any of the numerous COVID variants, bring it home with them, and inadvertently infect an entire nation.

Stay safe






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