I think Donald Trump has a weak mind. He seems influenced by only things that get him what he wants. He has bought into weird conspiracies (some he started himself) about evil-doers lurking in the shadows, trying to thwart his every move as he sinks further and further into his own personal delusion. What does he want? I think you would have to ask him and I doubt at this point he knows the answer.

It does appear he wants to win the Presidential Election by any means possible. Legal, illegal, armed force, it doesn’t matter to him, just as long as he is declared the winner. But, as I see it, he is currently the President and he shows no interest in the job. To me it is quite baffling. Why does he want a job that he already has, and is unwilling to do? His fixation with losing a two-month-old election is the only thing on his weak mind, doing any semblance of his actual job fell out his ear in November. People are dying in your country at a record-setting pace and you have millions of vaccines getting old in freezers!! Pay attention man!!!

This week the last act of the 2020 US election has played out. The counting and certifying, of the already public, Electoral College vote, as is dictated by their constitution. Thus, making, the already public results of the 2020 Election, official. It takes place in a joint session of the Senate and Congress in the Capital building. Normally this session is sort of a ‘mixer’. Do some mundane official crap, then go meet the new guys, and shoot the breeze with Senators and Congresspeople that they hadn’t seen in a while. This session is normally a cocktail party!! But thanks to the weak-minded Cheeto-in-Charge, it had circus written all over it.

Wednesday morning President Plump told his rabid followers that had assembled at the White House, to march on the Capital building. “You’ll never take back our country with weakness,” he told a crowd of supporters from the White House lawn, “you have to show strength, you have to be strong”. Rudy the lawyer said, “Let’s have trial by combat,” to the same crowd. What happened next should have been no surprise to those two wing-nuts.

“We’re going to walk down Pennsylvania Avenue… and we’re going to the Capital…” Donny the President said to the crowd, “… we’re going to try and give our Republicans… the kind of pride and boldness they need to take back our country.” He even said he would join them but that didn’t happen, he, Rudy the lawyer and Donny the junior, just went back inside and sat in front of the television and watched. Having been given their marching orders the crowd dutifully marched. It’s what weak-minded followers of weak-minded leaders do… they march.

The mayhem that ensued is all over the news in every country, I don’t need to spell it out. I must note though, that after the crowd forced their way into the Capital building, not having a total understanding of why they were their and what they were trying to accomplish, did what most people do when they enter the Capital building… they took ‘selfies’. Also, all over the news I know, but I found it so ‘millennial’.

After hours of delay, early Thursday morning, the Houses certified the Electoral College vote and announced that Joe Biden and Kamala Harris had been duly elected by the American people and would become the next President and Vice-President of the United States of America. Officially giving Trump his marching orders. On January 20th they will be sworn in and all the crying, anger and violence will not change that.

Was this a coup? Was it an insurrection? Was it just weak-minded people doing weak-minded things? The one thing it was, was ugly to watch.

The American democracy, the self-appointed beacon of the world when it comes to self-government, took a kicking on Wednesday. The world perspective is one of disbelief. How could the Americans act like ‘football hooligans’ over politics! It was crazy!! Even the Belarussians didn’t behave like this!! And their election was fixed!!!

It is time for the Americans to take a good hard look at themselves. Examine what they have become in the last four years. Realize how far down the rabbit hole they have gone. It is time to leave the Madhatter’s tea party and stop eating the tarts that Trump is feeding you. Your democracy is bruised but it has not been broken and as a people, you are capable of mending. You should consider starting that healing right away. Just a thought…







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